Looking Forward

A group of Masters graduates hold up their diplomas infront of the Waterloo Alumni backdrop

As we move forward with the implementation of this plan, all of us will need to work together as a Faculty in order to achieve our aims.

Our next steps will consist of setting an order of priority for the fulfillment of the various goals and objectives; determining what structures, processes, and positions may need to be put in place to realize those goals; identifying individuals and groups who may be charged with the responsibility of implementation; and determining appropriate metrics and benchmarks that will allow us to track and measure our success. The goals are open-ended and in many cases the aim is long-term culture change rather than a short-term completion of a discrete and time-limited set of objectives. In any case, the Faculty and its constituent units – both academic and academic support units – should be engaging regularly in an ongoing process of self-assessment and strategizing.

We are entering this next phase of the Faculty’s existence with a reasonable and tempered optimism. As we work towards implementing the plan, it will be necessary for us always to have a clear and realistic understanding of our existing resources, their limitations, and the potential for identifying new sources of revenue. Moreover, although this plan has had little to say on the issue of physical space, space, along with finances, represents potential constraints and sustainability issues, and will be a necessary consideration as we move forward. We must also keep in mind our human resources as well, and not lose sight of the need to support the well-being of our faculty and staff as we ask them to take on new projects. Mindful operational planning will need to go side by side with the kind of visionary and aspirational planning represented here.

As emphasized throughout this document, the Faculty of Arts Strategic Plan for 2023-2030 is aligned with both the University Strategic Plan instituted in 2020 and the current visioning exercise designated as Waterloo @ 100. The latter in particular emphasizes a holistic and collaborative approach to the multiple challenges we face in the world today. The Faculty plan likewise situates the contributions of Arts disciplines within the larger framework of the University as a whole, and underscores the vital importance of the values that are core to what we do. The Faculty of Arts is proud to play a crucial role in the University of Waterloo’s aspiration to create a better future for humanity and our planet.

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