Arts First Pedagogical Enhancement Fund application

The Arts First Program has a small budget intended to support special activities to enhance the learning experience of Arts First students. The funds may be used to take students on a field trip where they would gain hands-on experience relevant to the course, to welcome a guest speaker, or for some special supplies or equipment that may aid the delivery of the learning outcomes.

Arts First instructors are invited to apply for funding to a maximum of $500 per section by completing the form below by November 19, 2019Please submit a separate proposal for each section.

Please note that spending must follow university expense guidelines (i.e., for meals and mileage). Honoraria paid to guest speakers should be limited to a maximum of $250. Equipment purchased with UW funds belongs to the University and must be returned at the end of the term to the First-Year Program Coordinator (Greg Campbell, in PAS 2452). If instructors need to use equipment in future terms, they can request to use the equipment again by contacting the coordinator.

Applications will be reviewed by Kathy Acheson, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs, in collaboration with the Arts First Director, Rob Danisch, and Associate Director, Angela Carter. Applicants will be advised of the status of their application by December 5th, 2019.

Please relate the rationale of your request to the learning outcomes of ARTS 130 or ARTS 140.

Information and privacy: questions regarding the collection of information on this form can be directed to the form administrator.

Please provide the term and year you will be teaching this section of ARTS 130 or ARTS 140.
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Please provide a detailed description of proposed activity/guest speaker/equipment (no more than 200 words, including date(s) and location(s) of activities, or names and bios of speakers).
Please provide a rationale for how this activity / guest speaker / equipment contributes to ARTS 130 or 140 learning outcomes (no more than 200 words).
Please provide a detailed proposed budget (maximum of $500 per section).