Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council 

SSHRC Partnership Grant, 2012

Neil Randall, English Language & Literature. IMMERSE: Interactive & multi-modal experience research syndicate (with Waterloo team-members Karen Collins, Kevin Harrigan, Colin Ellard and Marcel O'Gorman from the Faculty of Arts as well as Chrysanne DiMarco, Mark Hancock, Fue-Sang Lien, Diane Santesso, and Stacey Scott). $2.5 million over 6 years.

SSHRC Partnership Development Grant, 2012

Kathleen Bloom, Psychology. Building a system for sustainable knowledge mobilization

Jennifer Simpson, Drama & Speech Communication. Building and mobilizing knowledge on race and colonialism in Canada

SSHRC Public Outreach Grant, 2012

Jennifer Schulenberg, Sociology & Legal Studies. The Ontario police complaints system: perspectives on where we are three years later

SSHRC Connection Grant, 2012

Robert Kerton, Economics. Workshop to build an academic consumer interest research network in Canada (workshop)

SSHRC Insight Development Grant, 2012

Pierre Chaussé, Economics. Estimation techniques for economic or financial models based on a large or infinite number of moment conditions

Daniel Henstra, Political Science. Climate change, extreme weather and Canadian cities: analyzing urban adaptation policy

Stephanie Lluis, Economics. Employment insurance and post-unemployment outcomes: how do men and women fare?

Alain-Désiré Nimubona, Economics. Adaptation, mitigation, and the impact of international trade.

SSHRC Insight Grant, 2012

Ramona Bobocel, Psychology. New directions in organizational justice research: Victims, observers, and enactors

Changling Chen, School of Accounting & Finance. Fair-value accounting, loan loss-provisions, and the development of the recent financial crisis

Alan Huang, School of Accounting & Finance. Public news releases, information asymmetry and information

David Moscovitch, Psychology. Activation & inhibition of negative mental self-representation in social anxiety: Toward an understanding of individual differences in information processing, emotion, and behaviour

Francois Paré, French Studies. L'Ontario français et ses premiers textes: de Brébeuf à Charlevoix

Abigail Scholer, Psychology. Mental representation and transformation of self-control conflicts

Steven Spencer, Psychology. An intervention to improve women’s engineering achievement


Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

NSERC Discovery Grant, 2012

Britt Anderson, Psychology. Probability and attentional effects

Derek Besner, Psychology. Visual word recognition: Intention, attention, and computational modelling

Roxane Itier, Psychology. Role of eyes in early neural face processing


Canadian Institutes of Health Research

CIHR Open Operating Grant, 2012

Geoffrey Fong, Psychology. The International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Project: Evaluating the impact of the WHO framework convention on tobacco control with an emphasis on low and middle income countries

CIHR Strategic Grant, 2012

Wendy Mitchinson, History. Obesity in Canada: historical and cultural perspectives

Other awards

Ontario Early Researcher Award (ERA), 2012

Andrew Faulkner, Classical Studies. Cross-cultural integration in the Greek poetic tradition

Roxane Itier, Psychology. I can see it in your eyes – understanding the links between emotions, eye gaze and social skills

John Turri, Philosophy. Classifying and evaluating speech arts

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