Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council 

SSHRC Partnership Development Grant, 2013

Susan Roy, History. The Marpole project: the history and politics of Indigenous heritage sites in Canada

SSHRC Connection Grant, 2013

Altay Coskun, Classical Studies. Seleucid Royal Women at McGill in Feb. 2013 (Seleucid Study Day IV)

Victoria Lamont, English Language & Literature. Culture and the Economization of Everything

SSHRC Insight Development Grant, 2013

Beth Coleman, English Language & Literature. City as Platform: Media studies in the age of ubiquitous computing

Alison Kelly, Psychology. Rolling with the punches and with the praises: Self-compassion and responses to positive self-relevant events

Ian Milligan, History. An Infinite Archive? Developing HistoryCrawler to Explore the Internet Archive as a Historical Resource

Jonathan Oakman, Psychology. Improving analysis of single case two-phase repeated measures research designs.

Blake Phillips, School of Accounting & Finance. Performance chasing and mutual fund managerial incentives

Sharon Roberts, Social Development Studies (Renison). From Furries to Sport Fans: Do conventional and unconventional forms of fantasy-based group activities differ in terms of their association with identity formation?

Katherine White, Psychology. Children's use and understanding of speech cues during communicative interactions

SSHRC Insight Grant, 2013

Janice Aurini, Sociology & Legal Studies. A Multi-Method Examination of Summer Learning Inequality (5 yr)

Colin Ellard, Psychology. Measuring affect in urban spaces: development of toolkits for evidence-based urban design (5yr)

Ori Friedman, Psychology. Children's reasoning about ownership of property (5 yr)

Christine McWebb, French Studies. "CANTUS" for Office and Mass: New Online Tools for Textual-Melodic Input, Search, and Analysis of Mass Chants (5 yr)

Elizabeth Nilsen, Psychology. Children's perspective-taking during communication and social interactions: Mechanisms and outcomes (4 yr)

James Thompson, School of Accounting & Finance. Financial Risk Transfer and Regulation (3 yr)

Joanne Wood, Psychology. Expressing negative emotions can jeopardize close  relationships: The roles of agreeableness and self-esteem in leading to harmony or discord (5 yr)

SSHRC Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2013

Robert Zacharias, English Language & Literature (working with Winfried Siemerling, English Language & Literature)

SSHRC Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship, 2013

Shauna Bottos, Psychology (working with Elizabeth Nilsen, Psychology)

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

NSERC Discovery Grant, 2013

James Danckert (renewal), Psychology. Examining the cognitive and neural bases of boredom

Stephanie Denison, Psychology. the development of probabilistic inference in infants

Mike Dixon (renewal), Psychology. Reward processing, motivation and emotional responding during slot machine play

Colin Macleod (renewal), Psychology. Attention, Learning, and Memory: The Fluency of Processing

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

CIHR Open Operating Grant, 2013

Heather MacDougall, History. Contested Intervention: The history of MMR adoption and rejection in Canada, 1963-2012

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