Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council  

SSHRC Partnership Development Grant, 2016

Jasmin Habib, Political Science. A socio-cultural mapping of Arab-Canadian migration, settlement, and integration: collaboration, community, co-authorship.

Kristina Llewellyn, Social Development Studies, Renison. Digital Oral Histories for Reconciliation: The Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children History Education Initiative.

SSHRC Insight Grant, 2016

Jefim Boritz, School of Accounting & Finance. The role of external valuation specialists in determining fair values in corporate reports (3 yr)

Peter Carrington, Sociology & Legal Studies. The structure of the national Canadian criminal network (5 yr)

Heather Henderson, Psychology. Mechanisms linking childhood shyness and self-regulation (3 yr)

Daniel Henstra, Political Science. Multilevel governance and climate change adaptation policy in Canada (5 yr)

Kathryn Hochstetler, Political Science. Wind and solar power in South America (4 yr)

Alan Huang, School of Accounting & Finance. The information content of debt IPO prospectuses: a text-based study (3 yr)

Patricia O’Brien, School of Accounting & Finance. Credible financial reporting (4 yr)

Marcel O’Gorman, English Language & Literature. Digital abstinence: the art, politics, and philosophy of unplugging (5 yr)

Jennifer Schulenberg, Sociology & Legal Studies. Policing innovation: an investigation of specialized responses to youth crime (4 yr)

Winny Shen, Psychology. Adaptability or inconsistency/understanding antecedents and consequences of change in leadership behaviours (4 yr)

Mikal Skuterud, Economics. The impact of the temporary foreign worker program on the Canadian economy (3 yr)

SSHRC Insight Development Grant, 2016

Joel Blit, Economics. The potential for a selective immigration policy to increase innovation; evidence from Canada

Tao Chen, Economics. Functional dynamic factor models

Elise Lepage, French Studies. Du pays au paysage. La poésie québécoise en perspective depuis 1950

Thomas Parker, Economics. Uniform Inference Using Simple Gaussian Field Asymptotics

SSHRC Connection Grant, 2016

Steven Bednarski, History (SJU). Excavating medieval climate: The Herstmonceux Project Symposium.

Craig Fortier, Social Development Studies (Renison). Speaking fruit: Art, activism and migrant justice from a mobile fruit stand.

Randy Harris, English Language & Literature. Computational Rhetoric Workshop.

Whitney Lackenbauer, History (SJU). The Confederation Debates, 1865-1949.

Sorouja Moll, Drama & Speech Communication. Integrating Knowledges: Truth & Reconciliation Project.

Bessma Momani, Political Science. Public Debate among Arab Canadian Youth: Responsible Citizenship, Countering Disempowerment and Disengagement.

Guy Poirier, French Studies. Le défi de la fragilité; exiguïté, distance et fantasmes identitaires dans l’oeuvre de Francois Paré.

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

NSERC Discovery Grant, 2016

Ori Friedman, Psychology. The Development of Children's Judgments of What is Owned and Who Can Own.

Jonathan Fugelsang, Psychology. Intuitive and Analytic Contributions to High-Level Cognition.

Katherine White, Psychology. How variable input shapes word recognition.

NSERC Engage Grant, 2016

Lennart Nacke, Drama & Speech Communication. Gamifying online recruitment with Hironomy.

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

CIHR Foundation Grant, 2016

Geoffrey Fong, Psychology. Evaluating and Understanding the Impact of Tobacco Control Policies of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in a Rapidly Changing Global Tobacco Market: The International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Project.

CIHR Project Grant, 2016

David Moscovitch, Psychology. Understanding the Psychological Effects and Mechanisms of Imagery Rescripting for Social Anxiety Disorder: A Controlled Experimental Study. (Bridge Funding).

Canada Research Chair

John Turri, Philosophy. CRC in Philosophy and Cognitive Science (SSHRC Tier 2)

Canada Foundation for Innovation

CFI John R. Evans Leaders Fund Grant, 2016

Chris Eliasmith, Philosophy. Computational and robotic infrastructure for large-scale neural simulation.

Heather Henderson, Psychology. Assessing Children's Learning in Naturalistic Contexts: Supporting Collaborative Research in Developmental Science.

Ashley Kelly Mehlenbacher & Neil Randall, English Language & Literature. Waterloo Virtual Reality Storytelling Lab.

Marcel O'Gorman, English Language & Literature. Critical Media Prototyping Suite.

Mathias Schulze, Germanic & Slavic Studies. Language Interaction Lab.

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