Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council  

SSHRC Partnership Grant, 2017

Lorne Dawson, Sociology & Legal Studies. Research on Terrorism, Security and Society in Canada (assumed directorship and grant transferred to UW)

SSHRC Partnership Development Grant, 2017

Susan Roy, History. Ayamoowin ijwa paapoowin – Songs in the Key of Cree – Laughter and Language Revitalization in Canada.

SSHRC Insight Grant, 2017

Ramona Bobocel, Psychology. Expanding the Scope of Organizational Justice Research: The Role of Construal.

Altay Coskun, Classical Studies. Ethnic Identities and Diplomatic Affiliations of the Bosporan Kingdom.

Nicolas Gauthier, French Studies. Le Rez-de-chaussée: répertoire en ligne du roman-feuilleton français au XIXe siècle.

Allison Kelly, Psychology. From Competition to Caregiving: A Novel Strategy to Reduce Appearance Comparisons and Body Dissatisfaction.

Ann Marie Rasmussen, German Studies. Visual Communication and Community Formation in the Middle Ages: Medieval Badges.

Uzma Rehman, Psychology. Examining Sexual Communication through the Process Model of Emotion Regulation.

Sharon Roberts, Social Development Studies (Renison). Fantasy, Trans Identity, and Stigma: A Cross-Cultural Examination of the Functionality of Fantasy for Identify Formation in Furry, Anime, and Soccer Fandoms.

John Sbardellati, History. A Double-Edged Sword: Confronting the Colour Line in American Cold War Culture.

Abigail Scholer, Psychology. Metamotivation: Antecedents and Consequences of Flexibly Regulating Motivation.

Winfried Siemerling, English Language & Literature. Call and Responsibility: The Transformative Reception Aesthetics of Black Canadian Literature, Film, and Music.

Rebecca Tierney-Hynes, English Language & Literature. Funny Feelings: Eighteenth-Century Comedy and the History of Emotion.

SSHRC Insight Development Grant, 2017

Susan Cadell, Social Work (Renison). Memorial Tattoos: Inking the Bond

Jacqueline Feke, Philosophy. Law and Nature in Ancient Greek Mathematics.

Alysia Kolentsis, English Language & Literature (SJU). Shakespeare’s Changing Language: Early Modern English and Linguistic Innovation.

Colin MacLeod, Psychology. Attention (and Inattention) Contagion in the Classroom.

Arshi Shaikh, Social Development Studies (Renison). Animal Hoarding: Perspectives of Individuals Who Hoard Animals and their Family Members.

Winfried Siemerling, English Language & Literature. Nonsimultaneity and Incomplete Time: From Bloch, Benjamin and the Frankfurt School to Contemporary Black Critique.

Jessica Thompson, Fine Arts. Borderline.

Jennifer Whitson, Sociology & Legal Studies. Technology, Surveillance and Selective Exposure: The Paradox of Social Media and Queer Activism.

SSHRC Connection Grant, 2017

Suzan Ilcan, Sociology & Legal Studies. Bordering Practices in Migration and Refugee Protection.

SSHRC Partnership Engage Grant, 2017

Arshi Shaikh, Social Development Studies (Renison). Supportive Housing of Waterloo (SHOW): An innovative model to address persistent homelessness.

SSHRC Knowledge Synthesis Grant, 2017

Bessma Momani, Political Science. Synthesizing knowledge on rising global populism and on building Canadian resiliency.

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

NSERC Discovery Grant, 2017

Derek Besner, Psychology. Basic Processes in Visual Word Identification.

Ori Friedman, Psychology. The Development of Children’s Attributions of Knowledge.

Roxane Itier, Psychology. Role of Eyes in Face Perception and Recognition.

Derek Koehler, Psychology. Cognitive Processes Supporting Epistemic Rationality in Belief Formation and Revision.

NSERC Engage Grant, 2017

Lennart Nacke, Drama & Speech Communication. Studying Atmospheric Engagement With Horror Game Audio.

Canada Research Chair

Andrew Bauer, School of Accounting & Finance. CRC in Taxation, Governance and Risk (SSHRC Tier 2)

Chris Eliasmith, Philosophy. CRC in Theoretical Neuroscience (NSERC Tier 1)

Kathryn Henne, Sociology & Legal Studies. CRC in Biogovernance, Law and Society (SSHRC Tier 2)

Canada Council for the Arts 

Killam Research Fellowship, 2017

Eric Helleiner, Political Science. Globalizing the Classical Foundations of International Political Economy.

Ontario Early Researcher Award

Ashley Rose Mehlenbacher, English Language & Literature. Networked Expertise as a Novel Approach to Complex Problem Solving.

Igor Grossmann, Psychology. Harnessing Insights from Psychology, Physiology, and Mobile Technologies to Improve Emotion-Regulation and Mental Health of Ontarians.