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Choose from over 35 Master's and PhD programs

Get ready to pursue your passion. With our graduate degrees in the Faculty of Arts, you’ll be learning and researching alongside world-renowned scholars to advance the knowledge in areas you care about. From language development to environmental economics to user experience design, there’s something for everyone in the Faculty of Arts. 

Many of our graduate programs offer co-op, internships, and work-integrated learning experiences that foster academic and industry connections that help students become career-ready. 

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The Faculty of Arts is home to a community with diverse backgrounds, abilities, and interests. Whether you're a current undergraduate or returning to school from the working world, we're excited to welcome you to the Faculty of Arts.

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Succeed inside and outside of academia.

With programs that cultivate critical thinking and advance your ability to communicate effectively, you'll be set up for success in your chosen career path. 

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Collaborate with world-class researchers.

Our faculty are known across the globe for their impactful research and academic excellence. Join our community of trailblazers and contribute to meaningful research alongside world-renowned scholars.

Find your niche with flexible programs

Accounting and Finance
•    Master of Accounting
•    Master of Taxation
•    PhD in Accounting*

•    MA in Public Issues Anthropology

Classical Studies
•    MA in Classical Studies

•    MA in Economics*
•    MA in Economics – Water*
•    PhD in Economics
•    PhD in Economics - Water

English Language and Literature
•    MA in Experimental Digital Media*
•    MA in Literary Studies*
•    MA in Rhetoric and Communication Design*
•    PhD in English

Fine Arts
•    MFA in Studio Art*

French Studies
•    MA in French Studies
•    PhD in French Studies

Global Governance
•    MA in Global Governance*
•    PhD in Global Governance*

Germanic and Slavic Studies
•    MA in German
•    MA in Intercultural German Studies
•    PhD in German

•    MA in History
•    PhD in History

Peace and Conflict Studies
•    Master of Peace and Conflict Studies*

•    MA in Philosophy
•    PhD in Philosophy
•    PhD in Applied Philosophy

Political Science
•    MA in Political Science*
•    PhD in Political Science*

•    MA in Psychology
•    MA in Psychology - Aeronautics
•    MASc in Psychology – Developmental and Communication Science*
•    MASc in Industrial and Organizational Psychology*
•    PhD in Psychology

Religious Studies
•    PhD in Religious Studies

Sociology and Legal Studies
•    MA in Sociology*
•    MA in Social and Legal Studies*
•    PhD in Sociology*

Stratford School of Interaction Design and Business
•    Master of Digital Experience Innovation*

Public Service
•    Master of Public Service*

*Co-op or internships available

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