ePortfolio scenarios and activities

The following resources have been made available with permission from their associated course instructors.


Group meeting with laptops on a table

February 2023 PebblePad User’ Group Presentation
With support from a LITE Grant, Dr. Kelsey Johansen collaborated with CTE’s Liaison, Natalie Chow, to design an online course with the goal of engaging students in an experiential, outdoor, and place-based learning experience that fostered place attachment, pro-environmental attitudes, environmental concern, and nature stewardship. A PebblePad workbook was used to support formative and summative reflections, nature journaling and peer review activities. 

Analysis of the weekly journal reflections, peer feedback, and final course assignments revealed how weekly nature journalling exercises supported students' immersion in nature, reflection on transferable skills, development of a growth mindset, and their mental health during the pandemic.
(video) (slides)


June 2022 PebblePad User’ Group Presentation 
Although most often associated with supporting student learning in academic courses and programs, PebblePad can support learners at all stages of their learning journey.  In this session, we’ll hear from staff at two support units that have incorporated PebblePad workbooks into programming for grad students and staff here at the University of Waterloo. Kristin Brown shares how PebblePad workbooks have been integrated into the Certificate in University Teaching program.  John Fedy and Chun Chih Chen  discuss how PebblePad has been used in the OHD staff Leadership (video) (slides)


October 2021 PebblePad User’ Group Presentation 
Jennifer Yessis (Instructor in the Master of Public Health (MPH) program in the School of Public Health Sciences) and Jahaira Aguila (student in the MPH program) discuss how PebblePad was used to support Group Projects in a Capstone Course in the MPH program. Using the PebblePad platform, students created a group portfolio, provided classmates with feedback, and received feedback from classmates to help improve their own project (video) (slides) (example of a group capstone portfolio)(See assignment details).


March 2021 PebblePad Users’ Group presentation 
Laura Middleton, Kinesiology – Using PebblePad workbook to provide course content. Jenn Coggan, Nanotechnology Engineering – Using PP workbook to help students focus on the design process and associated required skills. Hsiao d’Ailly and Debbie Wang, Social Development Studies - Facilitating class presentations and a peer review process (video)



Facilitating Peer Review Process
Paul Wehr, Psychology, University of Waterloo (html)


man looking at data

Information Literacy for Research Psychology
Tim Ireland, Library, University of Waterloo (html)



Supporting Student Engagement and Creativity
Élise Lepage, French Studies, University of Waterloo (html)



Master of Social Work Capstone Project
Alice Schmidt Hanbidge, Renison University College, University of Waterloo (video)



Clinical Reflection for Healthcare Learners
Lisa Christian, Optometry Vision Science, University of Waterloo (video)


boss helping employee

Supporting Student Development During Work Terms
Chris Rennick, Engineering, University of Waterloo (video)



Promoting Writing Skills in First-Year Biology Students
Marcel Pinheiro, Biology, University of Waterloo (video)



ePortfolios at the School of Accounting and Finance
Bob Sproule, Accounting and Finance, University of Waterloo (video)



ePortfolios in the Arts and Business Program Geoff Malleck, Economics, University of Waterloo (video)


paper airplane in the sunset

Being a Reflexive Practitioner
Leeanne Ferries, Recreation and Leisure Studies, University of Waterloo (html)


hands in huddle

Reflecting on Professional Skills Development
Jill Tomasson-Goodwin, Communication Arts, University of Waterloo (html)


magnifying glass

Inspired Insights, Magnificent Failures, and Unanticipated Connections
Kate Willink - recorded at the University of Waterloo (html)