Ian VanderBurgh, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 2008


Ian VanderBurgh has been a lecturer in the Faculty of Mathematics since 2000. He has taught first and second year calculus and algebra courses. Advanced sections of these topics have been taught by Ian as well. Ian was also the recipient of the 2003 Distinguished Teaching by a Registered Student Award. Along with his contributions as the director of the centre for education in mathematics and computing, Ian also takes the time to visit high schools throughout Ontario. He makes course material easy to understand with well-organized notes and provides a very friendly atmosphere. Students attend his lectures, whether or not they are enrolled in his class. Ian has demonstrated his willingness to help students by organizing special tutorials designed to assist first year students adjust to university life. Ian understands the students' perspectives, knows where they will struggle, and sees what needs more motivation. He exemplifies the traits of an ideal teacher: passionate about mathematics with a strong desire to induce others to share that passion. It has been suggested that he would be an “excellent course coordinator for any of the faculty's core mathematics courses.” As noted by a colleague, Ian has shown that he has “the natural skills to teach, an incredible work ethic, and a genuine feeling that he can make a difference through his teaching.”