Programming for Postdoctoral Fellows

The Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE) is here to help Postdoctoral Fellows at Waterloo develop their knowledge and skills as university instructors. Participants can take part in workshops and events to support their teaching or complete a professional development certificate.

Working on developing your teaching?

Postdoctoral Fellows who are new to teaching or who are interested in learning more before they teach, can participate in the Fundamentals of University Teaching program. The Fundamentals program introduces participants to evidence-based teaching strategies and provides hands-on opportunities to practice lesson planning and delivery skills. The program is designed for graduate students, but postdoctoral fellows new to teaching are also welcome to register.

This program is of no cost and is completed at participants' own pace, takes approximately 2-3 terms to complete, and must be completed by the end of the postdoc tenure. Upon successful completion of the program, participants receive a Certificate of Completion issued by CTE.

To register for the Fundamentals program, please complete the online registration form.

Teaching your own course?

Postdoctoral Fellows teaching their own course can participate in opportunities, including:

  • The Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW), a 24-hour certificate program developed in Canada and recognized by many postsecondary institutions internationally. The ISW uses an intensive, collaborative model through videotaped microteaching and peer feedback sessions to support participants' teaching reflection and growth. Participants receive a Certificate of Achievement.
  • To receive feedback on their teaching from a trained observer, Postdoctoral Fellows can request a teaching observation by contacting Trevor Holmes or Mary Power
  • The Teaching Squares Program is ideal for those interested in broadening their exposure to different teaching techniques and styles by taking part in reciprocal classroom visits with other instructors. 

Preparing for an academic job application?

Support Unit Resource Descriptions and Links Feedback and Appointments

Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE)

(Support for Teaching Statements and Dossiers)

Teaching Dossiers for Grad Students and Postdocs: a set of four self-paced online modules to support you in preparing your teaching statement and dossier.

CCD Career Hub: Teaching Dossier/Statements (sign-in required)

Statements of Teaching Philosophy (CTE2196) - see CTE Events page for offerings

For feedback on your teaching dossier or teaching statement, please contact Dr. Kristin Brown

Centre for Career Development (CCD)

(Support for CVs, cover letters, and diversity statements)

CCD Career Hub: Academic applications and interviews (sign-in required)

Workshops on CVs, Cover Letters, and more

For feedback on cover letters, CVs, and diversity statements, make an appointment with the Centre for Career Development

Writing and Communication Centre (WCC)

(Support for research statements and diversity statements)

CCD Career Hub: Diversity Statements (sign-in required)

Workshops on Research Statements for Academic Job Applications and Writing and Articulating Your Diversity Statement

For feedback on research statements and diversity statements, make an appointment with the Writing and Communication Centre

Interested in teaching research?

Postdoctoral Fellows interested in learning more about teaching research may attend the annual Teaching and Learning Conference to learn with instructors as they share their research, teaching strategies, and more in interactive workshops, panel discussions, and presentations exploring learning and teaching.


If you have questions about CTE programs, contact Monika Soczewinski, CTE Program Coordinator for Graduate and Postdoctoral Programs.