How we can help

During the program review and accreditation phase, in addition to consulting with those leading the program review in your department, we provide support for the following activities:

  • Program Outcomes Development and Critique: We provide support for the creation of program outcomes (if your department does not have outcomes yet) as well as activities to critique outcomes.
  • Curriculum Mapping: This activity generally includes surveying instructors about courses they have taught during the past three years, mapping the courses to the program outcomes, and gathering information about assessments and learning activities. We will construct the map based on this survey and run an activity with the department to critique your curriculum map.
  • Retreat Facilitation: We facilitate retreats that vary from one to two hours in length to full-day sessions. During the program review phase, these retreats often including one or more of the following activities: visioning, SWOT analysis, outcomes critique, curriculum map critique, and planning for the future.

For more information on these services, please contact Veronica Stephenson, Senior Instructional Developer, Curriculum and Quality Enhancement.