Warren Ober, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 1992


A professor of English at the University of Waterloo since 1965, Warren Ober has served twice as chair of the English department, as acting dean of arts and as director of the inter-faulty programme board. As chair, professor Ober introduced writing courses, and oversaw the implementation of the MA and MPhil degrees for English. Under his guidance the department was the first in arts to embrace co-op education fifteen years ago. Throughout his 27 years of service, he has maintained an outstanding scholarly record while consistently demonstrating his compassionate, scrupulous and superior qualifications as a teacher. His students report that his lectures are clear, challenging, imaginative, concise and full of gusto. He is firm but fair, and always encouraging. He is a superb story teller. Warren Ober installs in students a respect for research and a desire to enter the academic profession. Professor Ober makes a special effort to memorize the names of all his students and to discover their personal and academic interests. His demonstrated interest and respect for his students makes Warren Ober a rare mentor who cares as much about his students as human beings as he does about the discipline of English.