Wing-Ki Liu, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 2004


Wing-Ki Liu has taught in the department of physics since 1981. His students are impressed with the clear, organized notes he provides in Quantum Physics 2 (Phys 334), Statistical Mechanics (Phys 359) and Classical Mechanics 2 (Phys 363) to accompany his rigorous and engaging lectures. Dr. Liu also provided the Phys 334 class with several files from the commercial software program MAPLE, designed to help students visualize solutions to the various problems discussed in class. He encouraged the students to experiment with the MAPLE software to gain insight into the problems. A student noted that “the principal distinction between professor Liu's method of teaching and that of many other professors is that, rather than chaotically trying to find answers to questions (as is often the case in physics), one was motivated to understand and appreciate the beauty of the physics being studied.” Letters of support from current and past students have commented consistently on the exemplary quality of his technique, his devotion and energy, and the genuine rapport he is able to establish with his students, within and outside the classroom setting. ”Professor Liu's dedication outside the classroom is as noteworthy as his work inside the classroom.” Students are impressed with the welcoming reception they receive from Dr. Liu and the extra effort he makes to ensure their experience at the University of Waterloo is a positive one.