ePortfolios: Hands-On Introduction

Course code: CTE737

DescriptionThis workshop will introduce participants to the "nuts and bolts" features of the  ePortfolio tool in LEARN. Participants will begin working in their ePortfolio; will  add artifactswill create a "presentation view" of their ePortfolio; and will add items to a dropbox. Participants will have an opportunity to see different ways that ePortfolios have been used in various courses at Waterloo.

Learning Outcomes: After the session, participants will be able to:

  • create an ePortfolio presentation view using the various features of the ePortfolio tool in LEARN and submit it to a dropbox 
  • identify support resources available to help integrate ePortfolios into their own courses and programs

Note: This is a hands-on workshop: participants should bring their own laptop so that they can log into the ePortfolio tool in LEARN.