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Student spotlight: Akshat

Akshat graduated from the Faculty of Engineering and is originally from New Delhi, India.

male student smiling at cameraWhat were you looking for in a university?

I was looking for a university that gives me a solid foundation for my career. I wanted to get into the best possible Computer Engineering school and Waterloo was the best possible school in Canada.

I chose Waterloo also for its co-op program. I chose it over some of its competitors because it was situated in Waterloo and not a big city. Coming from a big city, I wanted to experience a smaller city life and Waterloo fit it perfectly.

What did you expect from Waterloo before arriving?

Lots of hard working people. People from all over the globe, and not enough people having fun. I expected people to just nerd out all the time and be bookworms. I expected people hanging out only within their social groups, and I thought it would be like the typical western high schools I see in the movies.

Was there anything that was different from your expectation?

It was a lot more different than I thought. People didn't just study all the time, a lot more emphasis was given on practical knowledge and networking. Marks don't matter if you cannot back them up with relevant co-ops or volunteer hours. Everything requires you to prove yourself, just stating the fact isn't enough. Also, I was really surprised by how nice everyone was, and how easy it was for me as an international student to get involved and be friends with so many people. It was totally not like the high schools you see in movies.

Why do you think Waterloo is a good fit for students from your country?

I think Waterloo is a good fit for students who are looking for a new experience, are looking for a solid start in their careers, and are not afraid of change. People from India can definitely resonate with me when I say that undergrad experience is extremely important in one's life, and I think Waterloo delivers it perfectly. Also, students from India can bond with people form other cultures fairly easily and comfortably at Waterloo.

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