73 questions with a Waterloo Public Health student

Curious about Public Health? Get real info about the program from Aisley, a current Public Health student.

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How I knew Public Health was right for me

Why I chose Waterloo’s Public Health program

What are my career options after I graduate?


What’s co-op like in Public Health?

What are the courses and profs like in Public Health?

What’s student life like in Public Health?

Some key takeaways from Aisley

If you’ve learned one thing in class, what has it been?

Probably “upstreaming”. This is how you can tackle a health problem proactively before it happens.

Do you feel like you’ll have job options after you graduate?

Yes! Sometimes when I look at co-op jobs, I also look at full-time jobs. And I notice that I have a lot of the requirements for those jobs.

Biggest learning from co-op so far?

Not every job is going to be for you. And sometimes rejection is just redirection to something different or better. I gained so many transferrable skills and a lot of friends and connections that have helped me keep part time jobs or stay involved in my old co-op jobs.

Favourite thing about your profs?

They’re so personable and really get to know you. I’ve visited a prof during their office hours and they helped me with quite a few things. Sometimes understanding assignments, sometimes just hearing about their life and career journey, learning ways to get more involved in their class and ask questions.

What’s the Public Health community like?

Very passionate people.

Number one tip for balancing social life and school?

Prioritize both equally. When you don’t prioritize one, the other falls through the cracks. And that doesn’t work very well!

Tip for brand new Health Sciences students, in their first week, to meet people?

Just say “hi” to people! In class, in orientation. Everyone is super friendly. Go to some of our Health events. Our Undergraduate Student Association (ASHUM) hosts lots of cool opportunities to meet new people and do new things.