Why you should join a Living Learning Community

Written by Manal (she/her), student

Wouldn't it be great if there was a community of students from the same faculty who lived together in the same residence to help each other ease into university life? As it happens, that kind of community exists at Waterloo. We call them Living Learning Communities (LLC). 

There are many perks to participating in an LLC, especially as a first-year student. If you want to learn more about our Living Learning Communities, we've created a helpful guide that covers all of that off. But if you're wondering what it's like to live in the Faculty of Health LLC, we chatted with Health student and Faculty of Health LLC member, Azalea, to get the insider's scoop.

What's unique about living in an LLC?

If I were to live in residence again, I would definitely choose to be part of the LLC at Ron Eydt Village (REV). The transition from high school to university can be daunting but I found my transition went smoothly because the friends I made in residence were also in my classes, which made my lectures seem less intimidating. 

In an LLC, you also have access to an upper-year peer mentor who provides academic support. My peer mentor arranged a study session for her Introduction to Health 101 (HLTH 101) midterm, where the students went over study tips and did practice questions. There are lots of similar opportunities for those living in other LLCs.

What's it like to live in REV?

REV is a traditional-style residence, meaning that you share common facilities like lounges and washrooms with other students on your floor. Rooms don’t have their own cooking facilities, so you require a meal plan. Luckily, that means you don’t have to wash dishes all year! REV is a first-year exclusive residence and is made up of double rooms, meaning the students living there all have a roommate. There are a multitude of amenities offered at REV, such as gaming tables, movies, a multi-faith room, music rooms, fitness rooms, tutoring centres, cafeterias, study rooms and more.

I enjoyed living in REV, not only for my LLC but for the social aspects as well. Dons, who are upper-year student leaders who live in the residence, are responsible for arranging social events for their group of first-year students. At the beginning of the year, my don had organized a bonfire and s'mores night for the students to get to know one another. That turned out to be one of my favourite memories of first year!

What’s it like having a roommate in residence?

Before moving in, I did have concerns about living with a roommate. However, it turned out to be an enjoyable experience as it was nice to have someone around to talk to. My roommate and I also had different schedules so I still felt like I had time alone. I learned that having a roommate and getting to know others in residence can lead to long-lasting friendships.

Any advice for students considering participating in a Living Learning Community?

Wherever your residence is, Living Learning Community or not, it’s up to you to put yourself out there and once you do, it could be one of the highlights of your university experience!


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