College pathways to Recreation and Leisure Studies


Graduates of a two-year college Recreation and Leisure Studies diploma or Recreation Therapy diploma with a minimum overall average of 75% and meeting all admission requirements will be eligible for admission and transfer credits to Waterloo’s Recreation and Leisure Studies (RLS) program. Each student’s application and transcript will be assessed individually.

If you've graduated from one of the colleges listed below, you can preview which of your courses will transfer to Waterloo's RLS program.

If you have completed or are in the process of completing a Recreation diploma program at an Ontario college that is not one of the ones listed below, refer to the course transfer site to search for courses from your program that we have previously assessed. You can also review the admission requirements for Recreation and Leisure Studies for Ontario college transfer students.

Unofficial course transfer guide

This is an unofficial guide to how courses transfer from the institutions listed to the University of Waterloo. Transfer credits will be awarded for courses in which a minimum grade of B- (70%) has been achieved, unless noted below. The number of transfer credits you receive is assessed on an individual basis and may be more or fewer courses according to our policies and your individual circumstances.