Convocation Award Winners 2020

Psychology Department Award Winners


Psychology  Departmental Award – For Distinguished Academic Achievement: Tansyn Hood

Undergraduate Thesis Award Winners:

Peter DiBerardino, Thesis title: Probability matching and mismatching in hide-and-seek: Consequences for notions of opposites in mental models, Supervisor:  Britt Anderson

Rebecca Dunk, Thesis title: The Devil is in the details: Uncovering asymmetrical assumptions about good and evil deities, Supervisor: Ori Friedman

Siann Gault, Thesis title: Children’s executive functioning and communicative competence during a dyadic drawing task, Supervisor: Heather Henderson and Liz Nilsen

Emil Harvey, Thesis title: An introduction to word embeddings for psychologists, Supervisor: Igor Grossmann

Nicole Ho, Thesis title: Children’s predictive use of disfluencies by regionally- and foreign-accented speakers, Supervisor: Katherine White

Zoey Hu, Does production influence reading comprehension, Supervisor: Colin MacLeod

Roy Hui, Thesis title: Viewing things from your boss’s side: Investigating how perspective taking can restore one’s sense of justice following abusive supervision, Supervisor: Doug Brown

Tenaaz Irani, Thesis title: Self-compassion, shame, and willingness to seek mental health treatment, Supervisor: Allison Kelly

Steph Penta, Thesis title: Exploring the influence of perceived control on state boredom, Supervisor: James Danckert

Jinglei Ren, Thesis title: Infants' gaze-following for native-accented and non-native accented speakers, Supervisor: Katherine White

Nicole Stuart, Thesis title: Does engaging with information about media multitasking change media multitasking behaviour?, Supervisor: Dan Smilek

Sihan Zhang, Thesis title: Words or symbolic images: how do young adults process emojis?, Supervisor: Myra Fernandes


Governor General's Gold Medal: Harrison Oakes

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