Psychology course outline - Fall 2004

Course Code Course Title


PSYCH 101-01 (PDF) Introductory Psychology Richard Ennis
PSYCH 101-02 (PDF) Introductory Psychology Geoffrey Fong
PSYCH 101-03 (PDF) Introductory Psychology Christopher Burris (SJU)
PSYCH 207 (PDF) Cognitive Processes Jennifer Stolz
PSYCH 211-01 (PDF) Developmental Psychology Jeremy Anglin
PSYCH 218 (PDF) Psychology of Death and Dying Christopher Burris
PSYCH 230 (PDF) Psychology and Law John Rempel (SJU)
PSYCH 253 (PDF) Social Psychology Richard Ennis
PSYCH/PHIL 256 Introduction to Cognitive Science Paul Thagard (Phil Dept)
PSYCH 257 (PDF) Psychopathology Lena Quilty & Chris Watson
PSYCH 261 (PDF) Physiological Psychology James Danckert
PSYCH 291 (PDF) Basic Research Methods John Holmes & Joanne Wood
PSYCH 307 (PDF) Human Neuropsychology James Danckert
PSYCH 315 (PDF) Psychology of Adolescence Maureen Drysdale (SJU)
PSYCH 317 (PDF) The Emotionally Disturbed Child Maureen Drysdale (SJU)
PSYCH 336 (PDF) Introduction to Clinical Psychology Scott McCabe
PSYCH 338 (PDF) Organizational Psychology Daniel Heller
PSYCH 340 (PDF) Training and Development John Michela
PSYCH 352 (PDF) Culture and Psychology Elaine Perunovic
PSYCH 391 (PDF) Advanced Data Analysis Doug Brown
PSYCH 393 (PDF) Research Methods in Developmental Psychology Kathleen Bloom
PSYCH 395-01 (PDF) Research in Social Psychology Katherine Starzyk
PSYCH 395-02 (PDF) Research in Social Psychology Richard Ennis
PSYCH 397-01 (PDF) Research Methods in Personality & Clinical Psychology Jennifer La Guardia
PSYCH 397-02 (PDF) Research Methods in Personality and Clinical Psychology Joanne Wood
PSYCH 399 (PDF) Research in Industrial/Organizational Psychology Daniel Heller
PSYCH/PHIL 446 Cognitive Modelling Paul Thagard (Phil Dept)
PSYCH 455 (PDF) Honours Psychology Seminar: Close Relationships John Rempel (SJU)
PSYCH 461 (PDF) Honours Seminar: Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience

Mike Dixon

PSYCH 462 (PDF) Honours Seminar: Topics in Organizational Psychology: Theories and Research Ramona Bobocel