REC 450 Internship for Therapeutic Recreation

This internship course requires that a student engage in a period of practical Therapeutic Recreation (TR) work at an approved site under the supervision of a qualified Therapeutic Recreation professional and an academic supervisor. During this practical experience, the student will research and analyze issues and complete required assignments related to TR practice. Normally, a full-time, consecutive, 15 week therapeutic recreation internship with a minimum of 560 hours is required. 

Getting Started

In order to successfully secure a placement, you must begin the process a minimum of 8-months prior to the term in which you wish to complete your placement. Additionally, you must have a secured REC 253 placement in order to begin your search for a REC 450 internship.

To begin planning your placement please fill out and submit the REC 450 getting started form prior to the following deadlines:

Placement Term Getting Started deadline
Fall  February 1
Winter  May 1st
Spring September 1st

You will be contacted after you have submitted the form to set up a meeting to discuss your placement.

Frequently asked questions

How do I find a placement

Start by submitting the REC 450 getting started form. Leeann Ferries will then be in contact with you to set up a meeting. You do not have to email Leeann after submitting the form.

How far in advance do I have to contact the organization?

This will discussed at your initial meeting with Leeann. Normally organizations are contacted a full term before the placements begin.

Are any placements paid?

Internships are normally not paid positions. 

Do I need to interview for the position?

Yes you will need to interview for the position. Internship placements are normally competitive with more than just Waterloo students trying to secure positions.

Are there specific requirements for each placement?

Requirements may vary based on the placement/organization. Leeann will outline the different requirements based on which organization you have been accepted to.

How do I get enrolled in the course?

You must submit a signed and competed Internship TR agreement form to Leeann Ferries. After this is received the undergraduate office will enrol you in the course. You do not have to do anything on Quest. 

What documents do I have to submit?

Once you have secured your Internship you will need to submit the following documents to Leeann Ferries.

  1. Internship TR agreement form
  2. UW safety office forms

Can I take a course while completing my internship?

Yes you are allowed to take one online course. If you are in need of taking an on-campus course it must not interfere with your placement and must be approved by Leeann.

How many hours do I have to complete each week?

The placement will require 105 hours interspersed over one academic term (15 weeks).