Lisbeth Berbary
Congratulations to Dr. Lisbeth Berbary, associate professor in Recreation and Leisure Studies (RLS), for being selected as the 2022 recipient of the Faculty of Health Teaching Award! Berbary was recognized for her innovative teaching, her application of intellectual rigour and integrity in her courses, her favourable and lasting influence on her students and her sensitivity to her students' academic and personal growth.

Berbary is grateful for her Teaching Assistants (TAs) from that time period: Melanie Lim, Giana Tomas, Noramy Gonzalia Diaz and Shannon McCormick, as well as the  students who nominated her and others who gave their time, attention and deep respect to her courses and teaching.  

Congratulations as well to Mackenzie Morton and Kendra Fortin for being selected as 2022 Faculty of Health Teaching Assistant Award recipients from RLS. Mackenzie was a Teaching Assistant for REC 405 (Leisure and Well-being) in fall 2022 and Kendra was a Teaching Assistant for REC 218 (Social Entrepreneurship for Change) in winter 2022.