Paul F. J. Eagles

Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Paul Eagles.

Contact information



BSc (Waterloo)

MSc (Guelph)

PhD (Waterloo)

Research interests

  • best practice guidelines for outsourcing of tourism services in parks and practices
  • park tourism finance
  • park tourism governance
  • tourism management in ecolodges

Selected publications

  • Romagosa, Francesc, Paul F. J. Eagles, and Christopher Lemieux. 2015. From the inside out to the outside in: Exploring the role of parks and protected areas as providers of human health and well-being. Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism. doi:10.1016/j.jort.2015.06.009.
  • Eagles, Paul F. J. 2016. Park tourism. In J. Jafari & H. Xiao (eds.), Encyclopedia of Tourism, Springer, doi:10.1007/978-3-319-01669-6_140-1

  • Lemieux, Christopher J., Sean T. Doherty, Paul F. J. Eagles, Mark W. Groulx, Glen T. Hvenegaard, Joyce Gould, Elizabeth Nisbet and Francesc Romagosa. 2016. Policy and Management Recommendations Informed by the Health Benefits of Visitor Experiences in Alberta’s Protected Areas. Journal of Park and Recreation Administration 34(1): 24-52.

  • Mock, Steven E., Mark E. Havitz, Christopher J. Lemieux, Patrick D. Flannery, Paul F. J. Eagles, and Sean T. Doherty. 2016. The Contribution of Parks Commitment and Motivations to Well-being Journal of Park and Recreation Administration 34(3): 83-98.

  • Shields, Brooke P., Susan A. Moore, and Paul F. J. Eagles. 2016. Indicators for assessing good governance of protected areas: Insights from park managers in Western Australia. PARKS 22 (1): 29-40.

  •  McGuiness, V. K. Rodger, J. Pearce, D. Newsome and P.F.J. Eagles. 2016. Short-stop visitation in Shark Bay World Heritage Area: an Importance- Performance Analysis. Journal of Ecotourism. DOI:10.1080/14724049.2016.1194850.

  • Mic, Monica and Paul F. J. Eagles. 2019. Cooperative Branding for Mid-range Ecolodges: Costa Rica Case Study. Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism.

  • Spenceley, Anna, Susan Snyman, Paul F. J. Eagles. 2019. A Decision Framework on the Choice of Management Models for Park and Protected Area Tourism Services. Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism 25(2019): 72-90.

  • Mock, Steven E., Elizabeth Halpenny, Rebecca Koroll, Clara Jane Blye, Paul F. J. Eagles, Dylan Flannery and Chris Lemieux. 2022. Factors Affecting Psychological Commitment and Loyalty to Parks and Other Forms of Protected Areas in Canada. Journal of Ecotourism, DOI:/10.1080/14724049.2022.2076858.

  • Valdivieso, Juan Carolos, Paul F. J. Eagles, and Joan Carles Gil. 2022. Evaluation of the impact of policymakers’ decisions in the management capacity of protected areas: efficiency evidence from five countries. Environmental Management. In Press.\

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