Andrea Gardi

Director of Projects and Operations, Regional Tourism Organization 4 Inc

andrea gardi

Translating experiences into stories

A​ndrea Gardi is working in her dream job as the Director of Projects and Operations at Regional Tourism Organization 4 Inc. As part of a dedicated team, Andrea’s goal is to grow tourism in towns and cities around Waterloo, Wellington, Huron and Perth County. Working with destinations like Guelph, Waterloo, Stratford, and Bayfield, she coordinates animation, storytelling and digital/physical hygiene projects that improve visitor experience.

Making a difference in local tourism

Another focus is inspiring visitors to share their stories, which Andrea notes is key to bringing tourists; we try to get visitors to tell stories from the destination for us.ultimately, people listen to their friends and family - and thats a really important factor in encouraging people to visit our destinations. Andrea loves being able to make an impact on the local tourism and share some of the hidden gems in the region, and shes been successful through combining her expertise in both business and tourism planning.

Digital hygiene projects: Never before has the online presence of a destination been more important. Andrea works on projects that improve user experience online like mobile responsiveness and an easy path-to-purchase.

Physical hygiene projects: A positive physical experience of visitors to destinations is essential. Projects that focus on things like parking, wayfinding, and signage at destinations can really enhance the tourist experience.


“My graduate research definitely solidified my career path. This is where I want to be and should be, and it’s also helped to make some important connections as well.”

andrea Gardi, MA Tourism Alumna

Andrea Gardi

Andrea knew that coming to an institution that has a reputation as an international leader in recreation and leisure would be the perfect place for her to pursue a Masters degree. She gained a strong foundation in tourism research through the University of Waterloo and completing her thesis project gave her the confidence to tackle big projects from start to finish. While working at RTO4, Andrea has been able to give back to the university by working with Assistant Professor Karla Boluk to give guest lectures and offer industry feedback to students who are conducting their own field research. Her passion for learning and for tourism has not gone unrecognized, as Andrea was selected for Destination Internationals 30 Under 30, a group of young professionals in the industry who have excelled in their work and are viewed as leaders in their field.