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Julie Cole, Julie Ellis Cole, Cynthia Esp, and Tricia Mumby

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As a parent (of three at the time – now six!), Julie Cole, BA '95 was frustrated with the quantities of kids’ supplies that left her house and never returned.

Kathryn Ladano

Kathryn Ladano

BA '99, Music

Kathryn Ladano, MMus, is one of Canada’s premiere bass clarinetists.

Sarah Lewis.

Sarah Lewis

BA '06 Economics

Economics grad works to improve life in Africa

“What more can I do?” was the question that consumed Sarah Lewis, BA ’06 Economics, as she left the impoverished community of Cameroon, Africa, after a four month co-op work-term with Engineers Without Borders (EWB). 

Kate Mather

Kate Mather

BA '75, General Arts

Kate attended the University of Waterloo from September 1972 to 1975, earning a General Arts degree.  

Sarah Moroz

Sarah Moroz

BA '12, Psychology

Sarah finished her BA at the University of Waterloo in 2012, with a major in Psychology and a minor in Cognitive Science. While completing her degree, Sarah worked part-time in several research laboratories on campus; as a co-op student, she also worked full-time for institutions such as the University of Waterloo, the National Research Council of Canada in Ottawa, and Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto.

Chris Mustakas.

Chris Mustakas

BA '04, Speech Communication

Chris is a father and husband living in Ottawa, Ontario. He is currently the Epic Marketing Maverick for Edge to Epic, the Creative Executive Officer and Artistic Director of the online company The Envy of Your Friends, as well as the General Manager of Gladwin Self Storage.

Kate Nichols.

Kate Nichols

BA '07; MA '09, English

Kate (Dawson) Nichols is a double Waterloo grad, earning her Honours BA in English, Rhetoric and Professional Writing (2007, Arts and Business Program) and then her MA in English, Rhetoric and Communication Design (2009). A strong supporter of adding co-op to an Arts degree, Kate worked for 4 different companies in Waterloo and Toronto while earning her BA.

Sara Onyschuk.

Sara Onyschuk

BA ’92

Arts co-op success story: shaping lives & careers

Rosemary Peros

Rosemary Peros

MA '87, Economics

Since graduating from university, Rosemary has spent the past 25 years working as a professional within various industries including government, petroleum, pharmaceuticals and financial services.

Kayleigh Platz.

Kayleigh Platz

MA '09, Anthropology

Kayleigh Platz received her MA in Public Issues Anthropology from the University of Waterloo. She focused her graduate research on design and marketing methods, and has been studying new media since 2005. Her interests range from online communication and social networks to cyberworld culture, community engagement and strategy development.

Ruth Poproski

Ruth Poproski

BA '05, Philosophy

I graduated from UW in 2005 with a BA in philosophy.

Lena Quilty.

Lena Quilty

PhD '06, Psychology

Dr. Lena C. Quilty received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Waterloo in 2006. She subsequently completed a three-year Postdoctoral Fellowship funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and a three-year Project Scientist contract at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) in Toronto, Ontario.

Vivek Ramakrishnan and family

Vivek Ramakrishnan

BA '08, B.Ed '10 (Nipissing), MA '11, PhD '17

Overcoming Obstacles

Vivek Ramakrishnan graduated in June 2017 with a PhD  in French Studies at the University of Waterloo. He shared his story and discussed his family’s gift in support of students who face great obstacles, but persevere to accomplish their academic goals.

Nancy Richards.

Nancy Richards

BA '90, English

Lights, Camera, ACTION!

Nancy Richards enjoys the anticipation of what each new day will bring. "The best part of my job is never knowing day to day what's going to happen in the world or who I am going to interview."

William Rowat.

William Rowat

BA '74, Economics

All aboard!

As President and CEO of the Railway Association of Canada William Rowat (BA '74, Economics) presents a compelling vision for the future of rail travel in Canada.

We have been pushing government to have rail play a significant role in travel. Rail travel decreases congestion, is more fuel efficient and is safer than highway travel.

Renata Rusiniak.

Renata Rusiniak

BA '01, Psychology

Renata Rusiniak currently manages the Corporate Citizenship Team at BlackBerry. She has also managed the Community Relations Team at BlackBerry. She is responsible for BlackBerry's programs in community relations and corporate giving.

Ingrid Schiller.

Ingrid Schiller

BA '97, German

Ingrid Schiller graduated from the University of Waterloo in 1997 with a BA in German Studies.  She went on to work in Sales Promotion and Marketing at CTV, and later worked for the city of Kitchener in Business Development. She is currently the Director of Charities at Formulating Change Inc.

Devon Scoble with Korean children.

Devon Scoble

BA '01, Anthropology

Teaching in Korea satisfies yearning for travel and adventure

Nancy Silcox and her dog

Nancy Silcox

BA '74, MA '76

Nancy Silcox was a counsellor in the Special Needs Department at Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU) until she retired from there in 2005.

Carrie Snyder.

Carrie Snyder

BA '97, English

A man with hair hat motivates this Arts grad to write!

"Writing is never easy," says newly published author Carrie Snyder, BA '97 (English), MA '98 (Toronto). But somehow she made it happen, as Penguin Canada just published her first collection of short stories, entitled Hair Hat.

Laurie Soper.

Laurie Soper

BA (WLU), MA '87 English

Doing business like a bohemian

Geoff Sowrey.

Geoff Sowrey

BA '97

English grad and web developer takes the ride of a lifetime

Tasos Stathopoulos

Tasos Stathopoulos

BA '97, Political Science

Mr. Stathopoulos has enjoyed a progressive career in various leadership and management roles in sales, communications, marketing and project management within the hand tools, transportation, and injection molding industries.

Michael Stern.

Michael Stern

BA (McGill), MASC '73, Psychology

Do your homework!

As President of Michael Stern Associates Inc., a management consulting and executive search company, Michael believes that to be a superior candidate for a job you need to do your homework. He says,

Understand the company and the individuals who you are going to be meeting in the interview,

Lori Straus.

Lori Straus

MA '02, German Studies

Lori Straus received her M.A. in German Studies (’02) from Waterloo. She has worn many hats since then: English language assistant in Germany, public relations roles in local theatre companies (including the Multicultural Theatre Space), and theatre manager for The Registry Theatre. She has been working at OpenText since 2009.


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