What's a "prospective major"?

  • Your first year is “general”. You should explore as many subjects of interest as you can.
  • Your prospective majors are the subject areas you are most interested in studying.
  • You should have at least two prospective majors.
  • You'll normally declare/choose your major at the end of first year.

Required courses

All Arts students take two Arts First courses in first-year:

  • ARTS 130 - Inquiry and Communication
  • ARTS 140 - Information and Analysis

Arts First courses help build foundational competencies in communication and analysis, with a focus on practice-based learning.

Class size is limited to 25 students and there are many course topics to choose from each term.

You will take one of ARTS 130 and ARTS 140 in each term of your first year - they can be taken in either order, but not simultaneously. You can only enroll in ARTS 130 and ARTS 140 during the course drop/add period (see the Important dates page for current drop/add dates).

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