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CivE Days: Enhancing Student Learning by Providing a Failure Risk Free Environment and Experiential Learning Opportunities

Grant recipients and project team: 

Rania Al-Hammoud, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Scott Walbridge, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Stephen Phillips, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Kayleanna Giesinger, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

(Project timeline: September 2017 - August 2018)


In second year Civil Engineering, students participate in a horizontally integrated bridge design project to increase their exposure to engineering application and prepare for their fourth year design project [1]. To compliment this project, an event called CivE Days is being developed. CivE Days is a two day event where the 2A Civil Engineering students are free from classes and deadlines to completely immerse themselves in a simulated bridge design project without any failure consequences while experimenting. This project has the full support of all instructors affected and the chair of the department. The students’ success will be measured through the final bridge project testing results, bridge project final report marks, reflection reports and surveys to be submitted at the end of the event. Graduating 2021 class has not benefited from CivE Days and will serve as a control for the bridge testing results.


Project Reference List (PDF)

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