Using Technology to Facilitate Collaboration

Course code: CTE761

Description: Working collaboratively on projects and assignments can help students learn to work with others to solve problems.  They learn to seek out and seriously consider the insights from individuals, many of whom have backgrounds and life experiences different than their own. They develop skills like leadership and self-management- skills which will serve them well in social, academic and workplace environments.

But what tools do students choose to use to collaborate on projects?  What are some tools that instructors require their students to use to facilitate collaboration?  What's worked, and what hasn't?

In this session, students and instructors will introduce us to tools they use to facilitate collaboration.  Learning from their experiences, we'll discuss factors to consider when choosing technologies to help with collaborative projects and assignments.

Learning Outcomes: After the session, participants will be able to:

  • Identify technologies that have helped students collaborate effectively
  • Determine factors to consider when choosing/recommending a technology for student collaboration
  • Develop strategies to help students collaborate effectively using technology

Notes to Participants: Bring your laptop