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Collaboration, Creativity and Communication in a Large Class (CTE770)Export this event to calendar

Monday, November 20, 2017 — 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM EST

Location: EV3 3412         

Notes: Lunch is on us. To help with planning, registration  for CTE770 (0003) is required.


Collaboration, Creativity and Communication in a Large Class (CTE770)

In this session, Carrie Mitchell will describe how she encourages collaborative, creative experiential learning in a large, first-year, class. Carrie, with former students, Miila Tuju and Paul Cech, will share their experience with an experiential learning model they have used in PLAN 102.  Carrie will outline how she runs a real-time communications competition in a class of 150+ students and how the major assignment fits into the course learning objectives. Paul will tell us what it is like to be responsible for working students through the design thinking protocol used in the tutorials in his role as a TA. Miila will tell us of her experience as a student competing and placing in the Jack Rosen Award competition. 

The profession of planning in contemporary cities is a constantly evolving puzzle. Being an effective planner requires a varied skill set, which students acquire through university courses and co-operative education placements. Designed around the concept of experiential learning, PLAN 102 aims to provide the foundation of the planning puzzle: effective communication. PLAN 102 focuses on four key elements to effective communication: 1) writing skills; 2) speaking and listening skills; 3) teamwork and interpersonal skills; and 4) evidence-based problem solving skills.

PLAN 102 is designed around the concept of experiential learning, or the process of learning through experience. The major assignment for PLAN 102 in 2017 provides an opportunity to learn through experience; students develop a team proposal and video for the EduTOX video challenge (https://edutox.ca/home). In past years, students have competed in the Faculty of Environment’s Jack Rosen Award competition. Using ‘design thinking’ protocol, students propose an innovative idea to motivate action on climate change and health.

We look forward to seeing you.


Carrie Mitchell – PLAN 102 course instructor (2014-present) - School of Planning
Miila Tuju – former PLAN 102 student (2016)
Paul Cech - former PLAN 102 student (2014); current PLAN 102 TA (2017)


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