Featured presentation: Learning Modules to Teach Teamwork Skills to Engineering Students

Monday, January 16, 2017

Interested in helping students grow their teamwork skills? Instructors from the Faculty of Engineering will share their approach in a presentation about a series of teamwork training workshops created and tested in co-operation with the Student Success Office. Recipients of CTE's LITE Full Grant, the presenters will discuss their experiential teamwork modules targeted at undergraduate engineering students. By integrating the modules into courses with existing team projects, students are provided with opportunities to both learn the foundational knowledge required for effective teamwork, and to practice and develop the associated skills in an authentic team environment. The design of these modules is based on the teamwork literature and a process of pilot-testing and revision.

All are welcome and lunch will be provided. Join us on Friday, January 20, 12:00-1:00 in CPH 4333.

Learning Modules to Teach Teamwork Skills to Engineering Students
Rania Al-Hammoud, Sanjeev Bedi, Ada Hurst, Erin Jobidon, Mehrnaz Mostafapour, Andrea Prier, and Chris Rennick

Motivated by a perceived deficiency in teamwork skills of graduating engineering students, the teamwork sub-committee of the Engineering Ideas Clinic, in co-operation with the Student Success Office and the Centre for Teaching Excellence, has been developing a series of six teamwork training workshops for engineering students in 1A through 3B terms. The careful pilot-revise-implement design cycle has resulted in the development of a number of variations of each workshop, catering to different disciplines’ needs for integration with the curriculum. At the same time, through the support of a LITE grant, each workshop as well as the workshop series as a whole are being carefully assessed through pre- and post-test, surveys, and interview methodologies.

Lunch will be provided.