MMath degree completion

In order to receive a MMath degree you must complete all of your program's degree requirements. For a complete list of your program's degree requirements you should consult the Graduate Academic Calendar for the term in which you were admitted.

If you have any questions regarding the degree completion process, you should contact your Graduate Coordinator.

Degree completion deadlines

Minimum completion deadlines and holidays can be found on the academic deadlines and events page. 

In summary if degree completion requirements are met:

  • September 1 – April 30 student will attend spring Convocation
  • May 1 – August 31 student will attend fall Convocation

Note: Students have until the 100% tuition refund deadline for the upcoming term, date as noted in the academic deadlines and events page each term, to finish in the previous term and not register for the upcoming term. If you finish by the upcoming terms 100% tuition refund deadline it means you do NOT have to register (pay fees) for the new term.

If a student finishes by the 50% tuition refund deadline they can elect to change their status to part-time for the upcoming term to reduce their fees and will also be eligible for a 50% fee refund if they meet this deadline. Please note that students may forfeit funding if they elect to go part-time.

To receive a tuition refund by the respective deadline, both the thesis acceptance form and the UWSpace thesis submission need to be processed and approved by GSPA before the deadline.

Steps to completion