Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) transfer credits

The University of Waterloo recognizes Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) Unit 1 and Unit 2 courses as an excellent academic preparation for success at the university level and will consider awarding transfer credits for CAPE Unit 1 and Unit 2 courses in which normally a minimum final grade of 2 is attained.

Please note that official final CAPE results must be sent directly to the Admissions Office at Waterloo before transfer credit can be considered. Your CAPE transcript must be received by the deadline as stated on your Offer of Admission.

  • The maximum number of transfer credits varies by program.
  • Transfer credits will normally be weighted as 0.5 units each (equivalent to one course at Waterloo).
  • The transfer credits you receive will be different if you change to a program that requires you to transfer from one faculty to another faculty. Please note that in such a situation, a faculty admissions committee reserves the right to refuse transfer credits.

You have the option to decline your transfer credits. Further details will be emailed to you in August, once your transfer credits have been assessed.

Maximum number of transfer credits and additional notes

Not sure which faculty offers your program of interest? View a list of programs by faculty.

Course equivalencies

"1XX" means that you'll receive first-year credit for an elective in that subject. For example, AFM 1XX means that you'll receive a transfer credit for a general first-year course in accounting (called Accounting and Financial Management at Waterloo). Most courses at Waterloo are worth 0.5 units.

You'll have a mix of courses you're required to take as part of your degree and elective courses you can choose. A "1XX" course can be used as an elective. Once you start your course selection as a Waterloo student, your academic advisor can help with any questions about choosing courses and transfer credits. 

CAPE course Waterloo course equivalent
(0.5 units unless otherwise specified)
Accounting Unit 1 AFM 1XX
Accounting Unit 2 AFM 1XX
Applied Mathematics Unit 1 No transfer credit
Applied Mathematics Unit 2 No transfer credit
Arts (Arts and Design) Unit 1 FINE 1XX
Arts (Arts and Design) Unit 2 FINE 1XX
Biological Sciences Unit 1 Under review
Biological Sciences Unit 2 BIOL 239 + BIOL 130L (0.75 units)
Chemistry Unit 1 No transfer credit
Chemistry Unit 2 No transfer credit
Computer Science Unit 1 CS 1XX
Computer Science Unit 2 CS 1XX
Digital Media Unit 1 GBDA 1XX
Digital Media Unit 2 GBDA 2xx
Economics Unit 1 ECON 1XX
Economics Unit 2 ECON 1XX
Entrepreneurship Unit 1 MGMT 220
Entrepreneurship Unit 2 MGMT 2XX
Environmental Science Unit 1 ENVS 1XX
Environmental Science Unit 2 ENVS 195
French Unit 1 FR 1XX
French Unit 2 FR 1XX
Geography Unit 1 GEOG 101
Geography Unit 2 GEOG 102
History Unit 1 HIST 1XX
History Unit 2 HIST 1XX
Information Technology Unit 1 CS 1XX
Information Technology Unit 2 CS 1XX
Law Unit 1 LS 1XX
Law Unit 2 LS 1XX
Literatures in English Unit 1 ENGL 101A
Literatures in English Unit 2 ENGL 101A
Literatures in English Unit 1 & Unit 2 ENGL 101A + ENGL 1XX (1.00 units)
Management of Business Unit 1 BUS 1XX
Management of Business Unit 2 BUS 1XX
Physics Unit 1 No transfer credit
Physics Unit 2 No transfer credit
Pure Mathematics Unit 1 MATH 127 (MATH 137 for Faculty of Mathematics students)
Pure Mathematics Unit 2 MATH 128 (MATH 138 for Faculty of Mathematics students)
Sociology Unit 1 SOC 101
Sociology Unit 2 SOC 1XX
Spanish Unit 1 SPAN 1XX
Spanish Unit 2 SPAN 101
  1. If you have taken a Unit 1 or Unit 2 CAPE language course that is not listed, please submit the grade from Caribbean Examinations Council as it may qualify for a first-year language transfer credit, e.g., LANG 1XX.