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Students from more than 120 countries choose to study at Waterloo each year. Through your classes and our many student experience opportunities, you'll meet students from across Canada and around the world.

Here are some ways for you to connect with students from the United States or with other international students.

Student spotlight: Clare

Clare has graduated from Recreation and Sports Business and is currently pursuing her Masters degree. She is originally from California.

What were you looking for in a university?

I had no idea what I wanted to study or do, other than to work with people. I was looking into business programs because I felt that was a good general start and you can do a lot with that. I wanted a small school where I could like what I was studying, learn a lot but enjoy it at the same time.

Why did you choose Waterloo?

I chose Waterloo primarily for the co-op program. I saw this as an opportunity to test out my degree before I actually finished it. Since I wasn't sure what I wanted to do in life, other than work with people and help others in some way. The co-op program allows you to work in the field or industry you're studying in for 4 or 8 months and see first-hand if that's actually the kind of work you want to be doing.

I researched Waterloo Business programs and came across Recreation ad Sports Business. After reading more about it and the types of jobs you could pursue with this degree, I was sold. I found the perfect program for me that leads to a future of working with and helping people in so many unique ways.

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Clare loves that there are many opportunities available to students, including experiential learning. "We really get to learn by doing here."

Was there anything that surprised you about studying in Canada?

I was surprised by how similar, yet different things are here in Canada. I knew of those common differences like pop versus soda and the fact that milk is in a bag here, but didn't expect to not understand some references in class to certain Canadian cultural things. I was very surprised at how educated Canadians are on America and the rest of the world. 

Why do you think Waterloo is a good fit for students from your country?

Students from the US and specifically California, should consider Waterloo because of its world renowned co-op program and the prestige of the programs we have to offer. I have countless friends who have graduated from great universities but don't have the experience needed to get jobs. Co-op allows you to get that experience. Sure other schools offer co-op, but no one does it as well as or on a large of a scale as Waterloo.

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