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Transfer credit policies

It's possible to receive transfer credits for up to 50% of the courses needed for your Waterloo degree. However, the transfer credits you receive may vary depending on the program(s) to which you have been admitted.

In most cases, transfer credit assessments are completed once you've been admitted to Waterloo. You can read more about Waterloo's transfer credit assessment process.

If you’re enrolled at a college or university in Ontario, visit the course-to-course guide on for the most up-to-date information on how your previous/current courses may transfer to Waterloo. If you’re admitted to Waterloo, you’ll then receive an official assessment of how many transfer credits will count towards your degree here.

Review our admission requirements page to see the maximum amount of transfer credits for your program(s) of interest.

Which courses are eligible for transfer?

Applying from an accredited bible college or one that's a candidate for accreditation? You'll be considered for admission and possible transfer credits when minimum admission requirements have been met. Email for details.

If you're transferring from college, you’re eligible for transfer credit for relevant courses in which you have earned a grade of 70% or better, except if you are admitted to the Faculty of Science which requires a minimum grade of 75%.

If you are transferring from another university, you’re eligible for transfer credit for relevant courses in which you earn a grade of 60% or better.


Transferred courses will count toward your Waterloo degree; however, grades obtained in these courses will not be included in your Waterloo averages. You must meet all requirements of your Waterloo academic plan in order to graduate, regardless of the number of transfer credits that you receive.

Transfer credit policies

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