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Founded in the early 1960s, the Department has grown to become one of the most esteemed Departments of Psychology in Canada.

Our faculty and our graduate program are internationally renowned.


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  1. Nov. 20, 2017UWaterloo Psychology researchers part of $2.5 million SSHRC Partnership GrantHead shot of Hilary Bergsieker

    The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) just announced a $2.5 million Partnership Grant for a 7-year research initiative in support of gender equity in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields.

    The Engendering Success in STEM research consortium is a unique partnership bringing together academic experts – including from UWaterloo’s Department of Psychology – on gender bias and diversity with elementary schools, camps, museums, universities, and industry leaders who share a commitment to increasing opportunities for girls and women in STEM.

    Professor Hilary Bergsieker of Waterloo’s Department of Psychology co-directs Project RISE, working closely with industry partners to identify and test science-based solutions for creating a gender-inclusive culture, enabling employees to work together effectively and to reach their fullest potential. She is leading initiatives to map the micro-networks of teams within these organizations to build a culture of inclusion from the ground up.

  2. Nov. 9, 2017People Who Value Virtue Show Wiser ReasoningHead shot of owl with one eye closed

    From romantic dramas to tensions at work, we’re often better at working through other people’s problems than our own—while we may approach our friends’ problems with wise, clear-eyed objectivity, we often view our own problems through a personal, flawed, emotional lens.

    But new research suggests that not everyone may struggle to reason wisely about their own personal problems. People who are motivated to develop the best in themselves and others don’t show this bias—they tend to reason just as wisely about their own problems as they do for others.

  3. Oct. 23, 2017UW Psychology Gambling Research LabTwo ladies playing slot machines

    Video can help you not get mugged by one-armed bandits

    Novice gamblers who watched a short video about how slot machines disguise losses as wins have a better chance of avoiding gambling problems, according to new research.

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  1. Dec. 8, 2017Department of Psychology 2017-2018 Colloquium Series

    Dr. Daniel Ansari  

    Western University, Canada

    details will follow


  2. Feb. 9, 2018Department of Psychology 2017-2018 Colloquium Series

    Dr. Dov Cohen

     University of Illinois, USA

    details will follow




  3. Mar. 23, 2018Department of Psychology 2017-2018 Colloquium Series

    Dr. Felix Warneken

    University of Michigan, USA

    details will follow 


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