Selected topics courses

Selected topics courses in Recreation and Leisure Studies include:

  • REC 695, Selected Topics in Recreation and Leisure Studies (for MA or PhD students)
  • REC 798, Advanced Topics in Leisure Studies (for PhD students)

Purpose of selected topics courses

A student may pursue a topic of special interest that is either not normally covered, or not covered in depth, in one of the existing graduate courses. The student should approach a member of the faculty and agree on a program of study which would be followed to meet the requirements for this course. The frequency of meetings, course content, and methods of evaluation should be determined at this time.

Alternatively, a group of two or three students might approach a professor with a topic of special interest to them. Again, this would be a topic that is not normally covered in a regularly scheduled course. In this approach, the students and faculty member may meet on a seminar basis or in any other arrangement that is mutually satisfying to the group.

Once a topic and faculty advisor are agreed upon, the proposal form is completed to set up the course topic on the graduate schedule of classes.

After the course topic is set up, the student(s) enrol(s) through Quest. 

Policy on recording of course content

All instructors offering a selected topics course must file with the Faculty Graduate Studies Coordinator a brief synopsis of what the course will entail. The student is required to fill in a Proposal Form (PDF) and submit it to the Faculty Graduate Studies Coordinator within the first 3 weeks of the term or the course cannot be officially added or a grade recorded for the student's completion of the course.

The intent of this procedure is to ensure that we have a record of these specific courses so that if they are ever required by other instructors, other institutions, or by prospective employers of our graduate students we can describe the course composition.

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