The Faculty of Arts Alumni Achievement Award has been established to recognize the accomplishments of Faculty of Arts alumni from the University of Waterloo.

This prestigious award, created in 1998, was established to provide tangible recognition of alumni who have achieved a notable level of success.


  • Graduates of the Faculty of Arts undergraduate or graduate program
  • Working in Canada and/or internationally
  • Distinguished themselves through a significant record of professional accomplishment, community and/or public service.
  • Minimum of ten years post-graduation before consideration
  • Excludes current University of Waterloo faculty and staff

Award Nomination Procedure:

The Faculty of Arts welcomes nominations for its Alumni Achievement Award from anyone (alumni, students, faculty, staff, retirees, and members of the public) familiar with the work, character and/or achievements of a Waterloo Faculty of Arts alumnus. 

To nominate an individual for the Alumni Achievement Award, an online nomination form must be completed and submitted by April 30th.

Award Selection Procedure:

1. Call for nominations continues throughout the year. Friends, family, colleagues, faculty members and other alumni may nominate alumni candidates.

2. All nominations will be reviewed by the Nominating Committee, which consists of Faculty of Arts alumni, faculty, staff and past award recipients.  

3. The Selection Committee will select the Alumni Achievement Award winner.

4. The Alumni Achievement Award winner will be notified by the Associate Dean of Arts, University of Waterloo.

5. The Faculty of Arts Alumni Achievement Award is presented at Fall Convocation. An annual celebration dinner is also held the night before Fall Convocation in honour of the award recipient.

Nomination Deadline:

All nominations must be received by April 30th. Nominations received after April 30th will be considered in the following year.

For further information about the Award program or nominations, email Patti Cook, Faculty of

Nominate an alumnus now!

Past Recipients

Award Year Recipent Graduated from Waterloo with:
2018 Susheel Gupta BA '93, History
2017 Jacqueline Armstrong Gates BA '91, Political Science
2017 Franca Gucciardi BA '94, Political Science
2016 Mark Coelin MA '91, English
2015 Rob MacIssac BA '84, Economics
2014 Jud Whiteside BA '70 Political Science
2013 Ernie Regehr BA '68, English
2012 Wayne Fox BA '71, History
2011 Philip Tanner BA '88, MA '90, Political Science
2010 Ingrid Hann BA ’76, Human Relations and Counselling
2009 C. Ian Kyer BA '72, MA '73 History
2008 Eric Friesen BA '67, English
2007 Rod Barr BA ’69, Economics
2006 Lenora Hume BA ’74, Liberal Studies
2005 Curwin Friesen BA '93, Honours Economics and Applied Studies Co-op, International Trade Specialization
2004 Tim Westhead (PDF) MA '71 English; BA '69 English and Psychology
2003 Janice Graham BA ’80 Honours Anthropology; MA, University of Victoria; PhD, University of Montréal
2002 Mary Bales MA ’72, English; MPhil ’73, English
2001 Tim Wynne-Jones BA ’74, Honours Fine Arts
2000 Kathryn McCallion BA ’72, Honours Political Science
1999 Colleen McEdwards BA ’88, Honours English
1998 George Elliott Clarke BA ’84, Honours English; PhD, Queen’s

If you know a University of Waterloo Arts graduate who in your opinion should be considered for the award, or would like more information about the Alumni Achievement Award, please contact Patti Cook, Senior Alumni Advancement Officer . The nomination deadline is April 30th.


Patti Cook
Senior Alumni Advancement Officer
519.888.4567 ext. 37705

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