Easy Ways to Move from Home

yogaIt can be really difficult to find ways to exercise from home but luckily, there are lots of little ways to incorporate movement into your day. Here are some easy ways to get active without going to the gym:

1. Do some yoga.

There are tons of great YouTube videos to help you learn yoga and you don’t even necessarily need a yoga mat!

2. Go for a walk outside.

Getting outside to get some fresh air is always a good idea, and its great for your mental health!

3. Follow a workout video online.

There are tons of great, no equipment necessary and free workout videos on YouTube to follow along with. Whether you want to try cardio kickboxing or body weight strength training, there are tons of options online.

4. Use household items for instead of free weights.

If you don’t have access to any weights, you can try using things you already have in your house instead. Try squatting with your laundry detergent bottle or using filled water bottle for your arm exercises!

5. Stand as much as possible.

Sitting down for long periods can be really difficult on your body, especially if your desk set up isn’t ergonomic. Standing while you eat or are on the phone can reduce the negative effects of sitting down.

6. Sign up for virtual classes with Waterloo Recreation.

They have ton of great options for classes you can take from home. You can even sign up for classes with your friends!