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Teaching awards

MaceResearch is ultimately a public endeavour: faculty members strive to publish their research in order to share their findings, and with those publications come both recognition and reward. In contrast, teaching is -- in a sense-- a private activity, at least when it comes to one's colleagues: most instructors have little idea of what their colleagues do in their classrooms (or in their online courses), or whether they are especially good at it. Teaching Awards serve to bring teaching out of this "collegial obscurity." Teaching awards recognize and celebrate instructors whose teaching practice is both exemplary and inspiring. 

At the University of Waterloo, more than 120 University of Waterloo faculty members have received awards in recognition of their excellent teaching. 

Awards open to Faculty Members

Award Deadline
Distinguished Teacher Awards 1st Friday in February
OCUFA Awards  May 23
3M Awards  September 30
Excellence in Science Teaching Award  2nd Friday in February
Faculty of Mathematics Awards for Distinction in Teaching

May 31

Teaching Excellence in Engineering Award No deadline
Applied Health Sciences Teaching Award April 25

Awards open to Graduate Students

Award Deadline
Chakma Awards for Exceptional Teaching by a Student 2nd Friday in February
Certificate in University Teaching Award No deadline

University of Waterloo instructors have also received Leadership in Faculty Teaching Awards (LIFT), but this program is no longer active. 

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