CHEF BLOG: Chef Sean's Spaghetti & Meatballs


This month's chef blog showcases Sean Locke's famous spaghetti and meatballs recipe!

# of servings: 

Prep Time: 

20 minutes 

Cook Time: 

2-3 hours 


Ingredients collage

  • 907gr ground pork 
  • 454gr ground mild Italian sausage
  • 40gr bread crumb 
  • 2ea whole eggs 
  • 6gr salt 
  • 2gr pepper 
  • 15gr Italian seasoning 
  • 30gr pesto 
  • 95gr white onion (fine dice) 
  • 2l tomato sauce 
  • 2lbs spaghetti or bucatini 
  • grated parmesan (as desired) 


  1. Step 1Place the tomato sauce in a large pot on the stove on medium/low. 
  2. Step 2Mix all remaining ingredients together by hand (except parmesan) until well combined. 
  3. Side 3 Begin to form 45gr size meatballs into balls and set aside onto a pan with parchment paper until all meatballs are formed. 
  4. Step 4Once the tomato sauce is hot, begin to drop the meatballs into pot in a clockwise formation until all meatballs have been submerged into sauce. let meatballs slowly cook on low for approx. 2-3 hours. 
  5. Step 5Cook pasta as per directions on the package. Once cooked al dente drain the pasta in a colander and immediately run cold water onto pasta to cool down, cover and set aside. 
  6. Step 5Place 300ml of tomato sauce into a large fry pan on medium high, run some warm water over the pasta in the colander to loosen and avoid sticking. Add to fry pan and begin to toss with the sauce until well combined.
  7. Step 7 Place pasta servings onto plates and top with 3-5 meatballs and a bit more sauce. 
  8. Final stepGarnish with parmesan cheese.


  • Use any type of tomato sauce you like (cheap or expensive) as all the flavour in it at the end will come from the delicious meatballs. Try different noodles- I like to use bucatini pasta as opposed to spaghetti.