Craving Swaps

Craving something? Maybe it’s sweet, crunchy or melt-in-your mouth. We all know the feeling, sometimes you just get that urge you can’t shake! And while there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a treat or two, if you find yourself looking for a healthy swap we’ve got the best of the best craving satisfiers in store for you!

On the hunt for candy?

Snack on frozen grapes or berries! Freezing gives them a more sorbet like texture, and they’re an easy alternative to keep on hand. Candy is mostly sugar, but fruit provides fibre and vitamins! My favourite combo is a handful of frozen raspberries with a few dark chocolate chips, both pack in a healthy dose of antioxidants to help keep your immune system in tip top shape.

Craving chips or crackers?

A swap to air popped popcorn or a handful of unsalted nuts can satisfy that salty savoury flavour.  Plus it’s really easy to make popcorn at home, all you need is a microwave, some kernels and a paper bag. Add a kick of flavour with chili powder, parmesan cheese or nutritional yeast. If you go nuts for nuts, keep it to ¼ cup serving. Looking to step up your snack game? Hit up your local bulk food store and make a homemade trail mix with unsalted nuts, seeds, and dried fruit.


Looking for some crunch?

Munch away on crispy vegetable sticks with bean dip or guac. Mix up the veggies for more favour and texture. Snap peas, celery, carrots, raw broccoli and cauliflower will give you the most crunch…but that noise might not be the best library or in class snack. Keep it on the quiet side with cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and peppers – all sufficiently dippable without the extra noise. Not a big veggie fan? Swap veg for a few pita wedges or wholegrain crackers.

Is chocolate is calling your name?

The melt in your mouth feeling chocolate can provide is hard to beat, aim for a small portion size and choose high quality. A small portion of high quality chocolate can satisfy a chocolate craving just as well as a king size discount bar. Swap the milk chocolate for dark to cut sugar and boost antioxidants. My favourite way to enjoy dark chocolate is with raspberries or pear slices- fruit adds fibre and makes a small portion of the good stuff feel more satisfying. 

Feeling sweet and salty?

A little creativity is all you need to master the art of sweet n’ salty. It can be as simple as a crisp apple with a spoon of peanut butter or a wedge of cheese.  Or popcorn topped with a sprinkle of sea salt, brown sugar, and cinnamon. How about a homemade sweet and salty trail mix? Take your standard nuts and dried fruit and toss in something salty (like pretzels) and something sweet (like a few chocolate chips) for a custom mix.

Happy Snacking!

Have more questions about satisfying cravings or making nutritious food choices on campus? Our UW Dietitian has answers! Email Nicole at