Davis Centre: Sushi...in so many ways!

Our third concept going into DC BYTES is... ROLLTATION! 

Fun name! What's Rolltation all about? 

Rolltation is Toronto's premier sushi burrito restaurant, and we at University of Waterloo will have the FIRST Rolltation outside of Toronto...ever! 

So, it makes sushi burritos?  

Yes, and more! Rolltation offers a customizable menu which includes Salmon sashimi, Wasabi Tuna, Shrimp tempura, Kimchi Beef, Fruity Tofu (to name a few) and you can have it in a sushi burrito, in a poke bowl or on top of a salad! It's that Japanese fusion you've been looking for! 

For more information, check out Rolltation's website

Yum, can't wait! So, when is DC BYTES going to open? 

Fall 2019! 

Rolltation salmon sushi burrito