Halal Food on Campus

Yes, you heard me, there is HALAL FOOD ON CAMPUS!

UW Food Services wants to ensure that every student on campus enjoys their experience as much as possible. This includes providing different dietary options and choices across campus by accommodating for dietary restrictions, allergens, and religious reasons! As a student myself, I commend UWFS’s effort to be as inclusive as possible by offering halal options accessible throughout campus. Not just that, UWFS ensures that there are halal options that are also gluten-free or dairy-free or even both.

So, whether you adore meat or chicken, there is something for you out there on campus! You can finally eat that beef burger you’ve been craving and that butter chicken you’ve been missing out on at home!

You no longer have to stress about finding alternatives for missing out on protein options. I will personally list some of my favourite halal foods on campus, whether offered at residence cafeterias, franchises, or other restaurants on campus. I do warn that it is not necessarily the healthiest options but it gives you an idea of what is out there around campus in terms of halal meat options.

1. Meat Burger

warrior burger My number one go-to halal meal on campus is…*drumroll please*, the warrior burger! I love my meat with some toasted buns and basic vegetables. It can be customized with whatever vegetables and sauces you prefer. The Warrior burger can be found in residence cafeterias such as CMH and V1, and at ML’s Diner during lunch time.

2. Crispy Chicken Burger

crispy chicken burgerThe Crispy Chicken Burger is one of my favourite halal options offered on campus. It is honestly one of the best chicken burgers I’ve eaten in a while because there are no fats in it and it tastes fresher than what I’ve previously tried. The toppings are also customizable based on one’s preferences. I found this halal gem at CMH’s residence cafeteria.  

3. Shawarma 

large shawarma box with rice and salad and chickenAnother halal option offered on campus is shawarma! It is sold in sandwiches or platters at Paramount in South Campus Hall (SCH) and Shawarma Hub at the Student Life Centre (SLC). I usually get the chicken shawarma sandwich but recently I tried the platter at Shawarma Hub because I was craving salad and chicken shawarma poutine which is an odd combination. Surprisingly, they actually sell this exact plate at Shawarma Hub so dibs to them tbh (to be honest). Another option is chicken shawarma with rice and salad. Fortunately, both sides are available as options.

4. Make your own pasta

pasta bar at Claudette Millar Hall eatery named the marketAnother personal favourite halal option available on campus is the “Make your own Pasta” station at CMH’s residence cafeteria in which I am able to customize my order from scratch. First, I choose the vegetables I like to be mixed with the pasta. Then, I choose my source of protein, whether you prefer chicken or meatballs, both meat options are halal! I usually choose chicken just because of personal preference. Then, it is mixed and cooked for you instantly with your choice of sauce! Beware, it is pretty tasty!

5. Hot dishes

residences’ cafeterias. They are prepared and cooked by the UW Food Services chefs. There will always be at least one halal option at the pay by weight stations in which some beef products and most of chicken products are halal. Some examples of halal hot dish options include butter chicken, carved beef, short ribs, steak, and more. Most importantly, always make sure to check the hot dish identifier card that lists the ingredients and dietary icons. The halal icon looks like this:halal dietary icon