Mudie's in V1 is here for the students

By March 21, 2020, the majority of students had vacated their residence rooms and campus was quiet. However, we, the staff at Mudie’s Eatery in Village 1 continue to work and serve those students  who remain on campus.  Continuing to offer our full menu and excellent customer service – with some new rules in place:

  1. Only allowing five students in the servery (cafeteria/restaurant area) at any time;
  2. Pink neon tape on the floor to promote physical distancing and proper space between people;
  3. Several hand sanitizing stations to promote cleanliness, including one at the entrance which students are required to use prior to entering;
  4. Cashiers will monitor the seating areas and manage the number of people to ensure physical distancing.

Brian HollandWhat used to be self-serve areas are now full service, with staff continuing to be extremely diligent in using the proper utensils and washing their hands frequently. Through to the end of exams, we offered full breakfast as well as omelet station, pastries and cereal. Our cooks are still preparing freshly made entrees and side dishes every day and our full selection of grill items are also available. We have transformed every area including the coffee into full service stations to minimize customer contact and promote cleanliness. 

Students, staff and any other customer has been extremely receptive and respectful to the new “normal” at Mudie’s, seeing few violations of the new rules. 

Management has staggered the schedule and have been effectively managing employees so that there are never more staff than what’s needed on the floor.  This has helped us to maintain good physical distancing practices and assuring our staff that we take their safety as a top priority.  This small step has been well received by our amazing employees who continue to show up and happily serve our customers every day.

We, as a team here in Village 1, are happy and proud to continue feeding our students and customers with the same level of service they have come to expect from us. We are committed to their well-being and will continue to provide support and nourishment until all residents have re-located to suite-style rooms. 

- Brian Holland, Supervisor of Mudie's in V1 Sizzle Street Grill and Mom's Counter stations inside of Mudies at V1