Student Review: The Market at CMH

Entering the cozy warmth of the cafe with three of my friends, I scanned the general area and was impressed at the cleanliness and the organized layout. The food counters were spotless, the drinks were well stocked, and it was easy to navigate the different categories of food throughout the spacious cafe. My mouth watered at the various complementary smells, the scent of sizzling spice drew me towards Warrior Burgers and I hungrily eyed the menu. 

WArrior Chicken BurgerThe menu was straightforward - it wasn’t too cluttered and it was clear to me what dietary restrictions the food accommodated based on the signifying icons. I was pleased that this was true throughout the cafe. As I went up to order at Warrior Burgers, I was kindly greeted. Nothing exceptional, but the process was easy and quick. I ordered, chose my preferred toppings, and watched the piece of heaven be wrapped and handed to me in less than 5 minutes. Perfect for on the go students.

Everything else was straightforward - I quickly grabbed the chocolate cake from the dessert area, filled up on the peach flavoured blend, and picked up a spinach feta danish. The wait in line was swift and I checked out quickly. Although, the cashier did not greet me or respond to my thanks. Chocolate Cake

In terms of the food itself, the presentation of the food was decent. It wasn’t horrendous but of course, it didn’t look like something out of a five-star restaurant. Although the cake and spinach pastry was a bit dry, the cake was perfectly sweet and the drink was up to par with other fountain drinks. However, the spicy chicken burger was made of pure euphoria and vastly made up for any shortcomings. The strong smell of the garlic aioli sauce and various spices was absolutely alluring as the bubbling heat of the crispy chicken and soft cheese was perfect on my tongue, paired with a flare of onion that fit just right with the already delectable flavour.

I was overall impressed with the Market at CMH, especially for a university cafeteria. They had decent service, a great standard of hygiene and ambience, good food, and provided a multitude of options for various dietary restrictions. I will certainly be a frequent visitor at the Market at CMH.