Student Review: Umami at DC Bytes

Entrance of DC BytesI visited DC BYTES – Umami on Tuesday March 3rd for lunch. I expected it to be extremely busy however there were only a few people in line in front of me when I got there, and I was in and out in under ten minutes. The atmosphere was welcoming and immediately amplified my hunger. It smelt delectable and you could see the chefs hard at work preparing fresh colourful vegetables to serve. All the staff were appropriately dressed and provided great customer service. There was slight confusion over restocking one of the side options that ran out before my order was filled but it was all sorted out in a minute’s time.

Char Su Pork and BaoI ordered Char Su Pork with fried rice and steamed mixed vegetables with a 5 spice Pork Belly Bao. The meal was delicious, hot and fulling. The pork was cooked to perfection and flavored exceptionally with a variety of spices.

Overall it was a great experience that I would recommend.

Dining Area of DC Bytes