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Quest is Waterloo’s student information system and the portal through which you will

  • view your application status,
  • submit your Admission Information Form,
  • upload and check the receipt of your transcripts and other documents,
  • check the receipt of your reference letters, and
  • update your contact information.

If you haven't already, you'll need to create your Waterloo username and password before logging into Quest.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure your email address is up-to-date on Quest. The majority of our communications to you will be via email.

If you require assistance with your Quest account, or if you receive an error message when using your username and/or password, please email or call 519-888-4567, ext. 42268.

Important deadlines

Please visit the Conditional Admission to Pharmacy (CAP) webpage to review important deadlines in the application process.

1. CAP Admission Information Form (AIF)

The CAP AIF must be submitted in order for your two references to receive the link to the online reference form. Please submit your AIF well in advance of the Admission Information Form deadline to give your references ample time to meet the reference deadline.

There is a list of questions as well as step-by-step instructions on how to access, fill out, and submit your AIF and supporting documents.

Log in to your Quest account. Select the Admission Information Form tile.

  Admission information form tile

Once you have read the instructions on the Welcome page, complete all of the questions on the following three tabs.

  • About You – Part A (common to both your Science and CAP applications)
  • About You – Part B (common to both your Science and CAP applications)
  • CAP

Admissions information form tabs with 'About You - Part A', 'About You - Part B' and 'CAP' circled.

The Save - Page in Progress button is available if you wish to go back to your answers and modify them. NOTE: The Admissions Committee cannot see your answers until you have pressed the Submit - Page Finished button:

Screencapture of save and submit buttons on the AIF, with 'Submit - Page Finished' circled.

NOTE: You must press Submit for all three pages: About You – Part A, About You – Part B and CAP. If any of the three pages remains in Saved status, the Admissions Committee cannot review your AIF.

IMPORTANT: Once you press the Submit – Page Finished button, you cannot make amendments to your AIF. Please ensure that all of the information on your AIF is correct before submitting the form.

If you made a significant error in your AIF (for example, you entered the wrong email address for one of your references), you should forward this information to Information such as corrections to spelling/grammar and dates will NOT be updated—it is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of all information on your AIF before submitting the form.

For assistance with Quest, the CAP AIF and reference letters, you may view our Admission Information Form website and our list of frequently asked questions.

2. Reference letters

Your references must be submitted through the secure online reference system. Letters that are mailed or emailed to the Registrar’s Office are NOT acceptable.

The CAP tab on your AIF will require that you provide the names and contact information for TWO references.

  1. Academic reference – from a teacher, guidance counsellor, school principal or professor
  2. Employer reference – from a past or current employer or volunteer agency

References from a relative are NOT acceptable.

When you first access your CAP tab, you will see only one row for one reference. Click the Plus (+) button to add a second row, and fill in the second reference’s contact information.

Screencapture of reference form, with the plus circled.

When you press the Submit – Page Finished button on the CAP page, both of your references will receive an email from Waterloo (normally within 3 business days) that will direct them to a secure online form that must be submitted by them by the reference deadline. Your references will receive a confirmation email after they have submitted the form (normally by the following business day), and will be provided with an electronic copy of their letter.

It is your responsibility to ensure the correct spelling of both of your references’ email addresses on the AIF, otherwise technical delays may negatively affect your application.

If you indicated the correct email address on your AIF and your referee does not receive their email from Waterloo within 3 business days of your AIF submission, please contact the Registrar’s Office at, and include your full name, Waterloo ID, the name of your reference and their correct email address. A duplicate email will be sent out.

When a reference letter has been received, the Documents section of your Quest account will be updated to show its receipt (normally the following business day).

Screencapture of documents list, with arrows pointing out the reference row and corresponding date last received.

3. Transcripts

If you're a student outside Ontario, a high school transcript with your mid-term grades or predicted grades must be received by the Registrar’s Office by the supporting documents deadline.

Ontario high school students: your guidance office will automatically forward your grades to the University of Waterloo.

Out-of-province and international students: an interim transcript will be required to support your application. You need only submit one copy of your transcript to the University of Waterloo, and we will ensure it is added to both your Science and your CAP applications. If you receive an offer of admission, then an official, final transcript, as well as official IB diploma results or AP exam results (if applicable) will also be required after your school year has ended and you have graduated with your diploma.

There are two ways to send your transcript to Waterloo.

  1. Request your high school and/or examination board to mail your official transcript to the Registrar’s Office at the following address.

    Registrar’s Office
    University of Waterloo
    200 University Avenue West
    Waterloo, ON N2L 3G1

  2. Upload an unofficial copy of your interim transcript to your Quest account.

You can confirm the receipt of your academic transcripts in the Documents section of your Quest account.

4. English language requirements

If the last 4 years of your education have NOT been taught COMPLETELY in English, you must provide a score from an acceptable test of English proficiency. Waterloo’s English language requirements and required scores are listed on the admissions website.

NOTE: If you were educated in English in a country outside of Canada, you may be asked to provide evidence of the language of instruction at that institution.

FRANCOPHONE CANADIANS: If you are a Francophone Canadian citizen and the last 4 years of your education have included French instruction in Canada, you are exempt from submitting an English language test score.

You can confirm the receipt of your English language test scores in the Test Summary section of your Quest account.

5. Offers of admission

CAP admission decisions will be emailed to all candidates by mid-May. CAP Offers of Admission must be accepted by the deadline.

NOTE: If you're admitted to CAP status, you'll receive two individual Offers of Admission — one to the Honours Science, Biology, or Biomedical Sciences program and one for Conditional Admission to Pharmacy status.

Contact information

The School of Pharmacy’s CAP website will provide you with further information about CAP status at Waterloo, eligibility criteria, important dates, virtual information sessions, and brochures.

If you have any questions along the way, please feel free to reach out to our admissions team

Please include your full name and Waterloo ID number (e.g., 210xxxxx) in all communications.

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