Why I'm studying Engineering at Waterloo

Inside of engineering building.

Zahra Written by Zahra (she/her), student

Hi! My name's Zahra and I'm about to tell you everything about how I chose to study Civil Engineering at Waterloo! From researching and campus tours to falling in love with the Faculty of Engineering, this is my story. 

My Waterloo story starts right here, in Waterloo!

I was raised in the Waterloo region and was able to visit the campus frequently on many different occasions. Each time was just as interesting as the last! From all the buildings to the people and the events.

I always saw students walking from place and place and used to wonder where they were headed or what they were up to. The University of Waterloo seemed like such a buzzing place, especially to my younger self.

As I got older, I became more fascinated and wanted to speak to the students and figure it out. I was also approaching my last couple of years of high school at this point, so I wanted to visit and chat with as many students from as many universities as I could and see where I would fit in.

That was the start of my journey into discovering where I would fit in. In the end, it also helped me discover all the different clubs, teams, sports, and events that Waterloo had to offer, which helped me find my place on campus. It was interesting to see the diverse and inclusive nature of the school.

Female student smiling

My faculty, my family

One of the best things about Engineering is the courses you can take outside of your program! I’ve always had an interest in biology and business and was pleased to find that either one of those could be added as an option to my degree. 

When I discovered all this variety and personalization, it made me so happy that I could make my experience truly mine!

Sure, you might have a lot of required courses both inside and outside your degree, but Engineering makes up for it by providing a remarkable variety of clubs and options while completing your degree. Wherever I went, everyone was super friendly and open, regardless of whether you were a new club member or just a student walking through.

In my first year, I was introduced to Women in Engineering. They helped me feel a lot better about being in a program without a lot of girls to connect with. They provided me with a support structure, events, workshops, and upper-year students that helped me with my transition. Nearly all other faculties and programs have similar groups to help you make the move to Waterloo and help you find your own home here on campus!

Waterloo has such a friendly and open nature which is apparent every time you step on campus. That’s how I knew it was the place for me.


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