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The Campus Athletics Research Network (CARN) is currently recruiting students to address the following research questions:

  • What role does campus recreation participation play in students who are transitioning into the University of Waterloo?
  • Is there a relationship between the perceived “attractiveness” of recreational facilities and campus recreation participation?
  • What is the relationship between campus recreation participation and overall university satisfaction?
  • What is the relationship between varsity sport participation and overall university satisfaction?
  • What outcomes (broadly defined) are associated with participation in varsity sports?
  • Are there relationships between involvement in campus recreation activities and attendance at varsity games?
  • Do personal trainers who possess standardized CanFit Pro certification differ than those with Kinesiology degrees in terms of service delivery or experiential outcomes?

The CARN also encourages student-initiated research questions and projects. Please contact Luke R. Potwarka for more information on how to submit a research proposal. 

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Luke Potwarka, PhD

Assistant Professor, Recreation and Leisure Studies

Marc Iturriaga

Associate Director, Campus Recreation & Business Development

Funding opportunities

Funding for CARN is required to help sustain the viability of these projects. Funding helps to subsidize equipment costs, research resources, co-op students, graduate students, and to aid with knowledge transfer and translation initiatives.

If you are interested in helping fund the Campus Athletics Research Network please contact Wanda Deschamps, Director of Advancement.