Academic Programming in Black Studies

BLKST (Black Studies) Courses

See the Undergraduate Calendar for the full list of all existing Black Studies (BLKST) courses and descriptions.

Course offerings will vary each term. Check the Schedule of Classes for BLKST courses offered in an upcoming term, as well as their times and days. 

Fall 2024 planned BLKST course offerings:

  • BLKST 101 - Foundations of Black Studies 

  • BLKST 203/ENGL 225/COMMST 203 – Introduction to Anti-Racist Communication

  • BLKST 302 - Strategic Management of Black Enterprises

  • BLKST 399/ENGL  486 – Special Topic: Contemporary African Literature & Film

How to enrol in BLKST courses - current students

Course Selection

Request BLKST courses offered in an upcoming term during the course selection period. See Important Dates Calendar for course selection dates. 

Enrolling during the Drop/Add Period

If you missed course selection or did not get into the BLKST courses you requested, add them once the drop/add period begins. See Important Dates Calendar for drop/add dates for the upcoming term.

How to enrol in BLKST courses - future students

If you are not a current student, you will need to apply and be admitted to either degree studies (see Admissions), or post-degree or non-degree studies first before enrolling in any BLKST courses and pursuing the diplomas. See Non-Degree / Post-Degree Students section for details. 

Enrolment Problems

If you are unable to enrol, visit our Enrolment Problems and Course Overrides page for troubleshooting.

Non-Degree / Post-Degree Students 

If you are not a current student, but you are interested in either diploma, you will need to apply to non-degree or post-degree studies first and meet Application and document deadlines

If admitted, post-degree and non-degree students can participate in course selection and drop/add periods. See How to enrol in BLKST courses section for details. 

How to claim a diploma credential

Degree students

  • Once you've completed your degree, including all diploma requirements, include the diploma along with your other academic plans on the Apply to Graduate Form for that year.
  • Degree students cannot declare diplomas prior to graduation. 

Non-degree or post-degree students:

Reminder: you need to apply to Non-degree or Post-degree studies first, and be admitted.

  • Once you're admitted, fill out a Plan Modification Form to declare the diploma (this applies to ND/PD students only), OR
  • Upon completing all diploma courses, claim the credential by declaring the diploma on the Apply to Graduate form for that year.


Contact your academic advisor for further questions regarding:

  • Diploma requirements, as listed in the Undergraduate Calendar
  • Course offerings and scheduling
  • How to enrol in courses

Contact the Director of Black Studies for further questions related to course content.